Sunday, 20 October 2013

repair work

I've been doing lots of repair projects recently, everywhere I look things seem to be falling apart.......
The binding on the quilt on our bed had completely disintegrated, and was beyond repair, so now there is all new binding, navy polka dots, they make me smile every time I see them.
As you can see from these two the photos there is some dreadful fading going on as well, and the faded fabric is clearly weaker and had developed lots of tiny tears.

After what seemed like hours of darning, my stitching were not that tiny.............. or unnoticeable......
but hopefully they will hold it together for another 17 years......
At least one member of the family has approved the repairs!


  1. Just look at your kitty so content. :)
    Anne xx

  2. I need someone to repair me... Feeling quite stretched and torn myself. I really need half term so I can be all polka dotty and stitched just like your gorgeous quilt.
    Lots of love m'dearie, Ax

  3. I think I love well worn and repaired things more than pristine originals. Well, with quilts anyway. I don't think the same sentiment applies to our dripping kitchen tap or constantly overflowing upstairs loo.

  4. Our kitties do love our quilts, don't they? I have some quilts that need repairs too -- I really should get on it. Instead, I just take it as a sign to make more quilts with fun new fabrics LOL!

  5. We have been looking at our house over the last week or so with a view to laying new flooring downstairs - but we keep seeing endless repair work that needs doing first so I know what you mean. Your quilt will be lovely for many years to come.

  6. I have a quilt that needs stitched too- I keep putting it off- but now I feel a little more inspired:)

  7. Your efforts have rewarded you and your cat, I like this :)

    In my house that'd be a whippet in that last pic, and he'd be lying on a small hillock which would be the four other whippets under the quilt!

  8. This all somehow seems very right for just now--the whole mending fitting in nicely with autumn/winter nesting. LOVE those polka dots--so happy! And must have pet-approval on quilts. ;o) So nice to catch up with you here, Tess. I hope to be around more when I can, now I'm doing better--I'm online a little less still these days. The less technology is not a bad things.. LOL! I posted for the first time in weeks--it felt good, sweet! HAPPY DAYS :O) ((HUGS))


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