Saturday, 5 October 2013

autumal baking

There are several large orange monsters in the garden.

I looked in all my cook books and found a lot of recipes for soup. I really like soup, but I was thinking more on the lines of cake. I'd borrowed the book Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache (in which vegetables are hidden in cakes) from a friend recently, and giggled at all the descriptions. But I'd given it back and didn't feel like I could ask for it again so soon, so off to the library I went and came back with a copy and then ordered several more from the online borrowing network. I love it, they text you to tell a book is ready to collect. What could be better than that. So much better than PPI texts........

The next day in a charity shop I found this.  I couldn't resist when I found the chapters were called things like Wintery suppers.

And Wintery Puddings.

I can cope with the arrival of autumn if I can plan in some comfort eating, although apparently it's not necessary. Bah Humbug.

I'm supposed to be filling out a complicated form today, but I'm procrastinating.
I've tidied the study.
Well actually I've tidied the notice board..............
You have to start somewhere...........


  1. I'm so excited to see the cloud card... you really did keep it!!!
    I like the sound of a book which has cockle-warming recipes. And the Gwynnie book? Is it all very wholesome and brown or does she make delish stuff too? Am interested to find out...

  2. Meant to say that your pumpkins are looking rather splendid. And you have taught them to climb too. x

  3. I've got a copy of the Harry Eastwood book you can gladly have - although it was an interesting read, I wasn't sold on the recipes I've tried. Next time I'm headed your way, I will sling it in my bag.

    Autumn food is the best, I think!

  4. Pumpkins! I love pumpkins... and eating them too! Just love this time of home baking & making. Oh, I meant to email you the recipe/link for plum butter I've been using as base for making fruit butters of late: Very easy, very good! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  5. "molly-coddling central-heating" -- that really made me laugh. I guess we're all just a bunch of wimps LOL. I Love the change of seasons -- especially for all the comfort food. Looks like you're having fun perusing all the cookbooks!

  6. You did very well growing those lovely pumpkins! I love the sound of wintery suppers and wintery puddings......just so cosy:) Enjoy your autumnal cooking.
    Helen x

  7. Your pumpkins look superb! I was going to ask you what the salad book was like but I've just read Ali's comment so now I'm not so keen. The cockle warming recipes sound good - but fattening too! My favourite cookbooks are by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall - not the meaty ones as we are almost vegetarian, but the Veg Everyday is a top one and his Three Good Things, and I'm just making his cauliflower cheese out of River Cottage Everyday.

  8. I make a lot of pumpkin and ginger teabread but that has lots of flour in so won't do at all. Also, pumpkin curry. With coconut milk. And spinach and tomato and rice. Yummy.

  9. roasted pumpkin risotto. Yum.

  10. There's a good recipe for orange monster jam on my blog somewhere ... although boringly you'll have to search under pumpkin to find it ;)

  11. Those pumpkins are fab. Amy & Mark both asked if there was any pudding today. A sure sign that Autumn has arrived here. I'll have to get baking. xx


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