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amie skincare

A few months ago Britmums were looking for reviewers for a skincare range by Amie, designed for sensitive skin. As I've previously mentioned about sunscreen, skincare and I don't always agree so I'm always looking for something that will agree with me. Added to that I also live with one of the worst skincare types in the world - teenage girl........... Oh the money we spend on products and lotions and potions in order to counteract the evils of teenage breakouts. Most of which (especially those which contain lots of tea tree oil - great for spots if it doesn't burn your face off first) end up being far too harsh for gentle young skin........... 

this is what the Amie website has to say about the products we were sent;

Morning Clear is an exceptional soap-free cleansing wash that removes all dirt, oil and make-up from your face without stripping or drying the skin. So, instead of your skin feeling tight or dry after washing, Morning clear's pH-balanced, 15% moisturising formula leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft, deeply cleansed and refreshed.
Harmonising natural actives
– active ingredients may blossom and elderflower purify and decongest the skin, keeping oiliness in check and helping prevent spot formation. Natural sugar moisturisers ensure skin is not stripped or dried out. Cocoa seed butter nourishes and sweet almond oil softens. Orange blossom and raspberry tone pores and refresh skin. Skin is left feeling clear and radiant.
Morning Dew,  Matte-Finish Moisturiser. For the softest, dewiest shine free skin. 90.8% natural ingredients.
Morning Dew is a really light daily moisturiser that's totally mineral oil-free and parabens free. Quickly and easily absorbed into the skin, it gives skin all the hydration it needs while controlling shine and leaving a smooth, matte finish that's a perfect base for make-up or facing the day or night "au naturel".
Harmonising natural actives – organic rosehip and bilberry nourish, natural plant sugars hydrate and Vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant protecting against sun damage and pollution. Lemon Fruit Extract acts as an effective antiseptic whilst Orange Blossom is an excellent skin clarifying agent, helping to remove excess sebum and keep oily skin clear.

So what did we think? Well we have one very happy teenager. OK yes, there have still been spots, but nothing too bad. She loves the moisturizer too, it soaks in quick and smells nice apparently.
I like the facial wash a lot, it leaves a clean fresh feeling, not harsh, or drying, and on the rare occasions I do wear makeup it cleans it off well. The moisturizer smells fresh and clean, is easily absorbed and my skin feels soft.  Would I buy it again, for Miss K definitely, for myself, yes quite probably, although I may try their other moisturizer which has an SPF15. 

Do you have a favourite skincare product, or a tip for teenage skin. Please tell.

disclosure. We were sent a set each of these products to test. Both of these products retail at £4.95 and are available at John Lewis, Waitrose and online.

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  1. Hi Tess,

    Great that you got to try out these products and lovely that they are all natural and organics products.
    Drinking a lot of water is good and helps purify.
    Happy weekend


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