Saturday, 1 February 2014

balancing out the exercise

just in case you thought that we maybe walked too far around Barcelona, and like my husband wondered how I managed to turn a weekend away for our wedding anniversary into a walking holiday I should like to offer in my defence evidence of copious eating.

any preferences for what you'd like for breakfast? you could start with a boiled egg that you can cook for as long as you want in a little hot water bath, or some cake, bread, croissants, cereal, cookies, jam or honey.

perhaps you'd like some fruit, salami, chorizo, ham, cheese, yoghurt, 

gluten free bread, madelines, or Madeira cake?

and to drink? tea, coffee, cappuccino, juice, hot chocolate, cava?

yes cava. for breakfast. well it seemed rude not to. 

at dinner we applied the rule of "try something you've never had before"
smoked salmon, with horseradish and vodka.
salt cod and fava beans
spinach and chicken with roast squash and mango
tuna burgers

need something to go with that glass of wine? dips in glass bowls, gluten free toast, and tomatoes and cucumber with lashings of flaky salt (we asked the waiter about the salt, he described it as being like the scales of a fish)
and olives. 
I happily assumed all the olives would be mine as the husband doesn't like them.
but he does now.

there were also the most incredible  gluten free red velvet crepes with marscapone and melted chocolate.
I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.
I certainly didn't pause to photograph them in case they were an illusion and disappeared before I could eat them. 

so here's a photo of some vegetables instead.
there were artichokes everywhere.
I've never had artichoke. I may need to do something about that.

and finally for some sheer food related randomness,
knitted  loaf cosies.
seen in an artisan bakery.
how have I coped without one?


  1. I had a dream about artichokes last night. You have just reminded me.

  2. ummmm. copious eating! it looks delicious walking and eating are the best things to do on a city break especially in Spain or Italy. Annie

  3. Foodie tourism is the best sort!

  4. Am looking forward to seeing your own knitted loaf cosy. Ax

  5. It all looks very tasty!! Do you think that bread is extra high fibre!! They are a great idea for display in a bakers window though aren't they, lots of fun. xx

  6. Knitted loaf cosies! How do I not have one of these, they're divine. Looks like you had some seriously delicious food there. Can you recreate the red velvet crepes with mascarpone and melted chocolate do you think? And would you share it if you could?!

  7. Oooh yummy! I can see why the walking was necessary!!

  8. If I had started with cava for breakfast, it would have all gone very rapidly downhill.

  9. What a selection of delicious food for breakfast. The freshness of the vegetables is very tempting.
    It sounds like a wonderful trip

  10. Spain, a country I would love to visit. Food, a bit of a passion of mine.....okay, I'll forgive you for lots of walking.

    xx Susan

  11. After all that delicious food, it's probably a good thing you did all that walking. And yes, do try artichokes, serve with a lemony, mustardy mayonnaise.

    1. oh that sounds tasty. off to look for recipes x

  12. Oh, such food... *swoon*... Some of the best parts of holiday/being away is eating and trying new foods! We always look forward to trying the "local" food wherever we go. :o) FUN to see highlights of your trip, Tess. ((HUGS))

  13. Madelines and hot chocolate please. YUM!!! All that walking was definitely necessary. And a bread cozy? Wow -- I don't think I've ever seen one -- let alone in a store window LOL!

  14. Ooooo - I love a bit of food indulgence :0)


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