Saturday, 28 June 2014

an abundance of roses

none of these roses are mine.

all of them are utterly delightful.

a gardener was dead heading them, and gave me an armful of petals to take home and dry.

my bag has never smelt so amazing, and I felt like a princess as I scattered rose petals whenever I went to get out my purse, or my keys.

This one looked like tissue paper,

and this one scrambled over a huge arbour, creating a curtain over white petals.

As the sun warmed them, the intense perfumed scent drifted through the air,

and as I wandered through them I wondered if the warm sun, the intoxicating scent and the magical colours could be captured and saved up for colder, wetter greyer days.

come November, or maybe mid February I shall come back here, and check, and then I'll let you know.


  1. Nothing quite like a rose to brighten your day. Lovely photos, Tess.

  2. Takes me back to my childhood and making rose water! J x

  3. Stunning roses,there seem to be so many this year don't you think. I was thinking about doing a post similar to this just the other day but with poppies but when I went to the place I was going to photograph them they'd all been pulled out :-(

  4. I have a funny feeling I know where those roses were growing....! X

  5. Those roses are stunning.
    Anne xx

  6. So beautiful, I can almost smell them from here! xx

  7. I put dropped rose petals into a bowl in the kitchen this year and forgot about them. Amazingly they dried and have turned into the most gorgeous smelling potpourri :-)


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