Monday, 30 June 2014

June Mosaic

Always associated for me with roses and birthdays.
 I remember as a child constantly asking my mum when my birthday was, and she always said "when the roses flower".

So my mosaic for June contains birthday cakes and roses.  
I was tempted just to include those, but I resisted.

birthday cake (mine), rose, pink juice
embroidered alliums, Alnmouth Arts Festival, birthday cake (hubby's)
sunrise on the moonwalk, evening sun glimmers, moon like solar lanterns in the flower beds.

June you are my favourite month.


  1. Beautiful, Tess. What on earth could be better than cakes and roses.

  2. I hope that you look back on a great birthday June this year as it looks as though you had a great month!! xx

  3. How does the Mr rate being 44...? Not long til I get to try it.
    June is a great month but actually, July is better... Ax

  4. May and June are mine...can you believe it is July tomorrow!?
    Lovely mosaic and belated birthday wishes to you and your hubby.

  5. What beautiful photos Tess. I love, love, love June as well, everything is so fresh and pretty. I hope you had a good birthday, the pink juice looks wonderful. CJ xx

  6. What a lovely mosaic. I love your cake with the number spelled in candies. Happy belated birthday.

  7. Happy birthday Tess. I love that sunrise.

  8. Yum! The forties are the new thirties - and we're not doing the sleepless nights and nappy thing any more...bliss.

    Nina x

  9. Happy Birthday! Roses, cake, birthdays, flower, sunsets, all beautiful things for the month of June.
    Anne xx

  10. I really like your mosaic. How you you not love a month that is filled with cake and roses? Your birthday cake looks wonderful. x

  11. Happy belated Birthday, Tess. Your mosaic for June is lovely, and I like your way of numbering the cake :)
    Happy July!
    Helen xox

  12. Beautiful Jume mosaic. So evocative of summer.


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