Monday 6 October 2014


I missed my blog birthday. 
I always thought I started blogging in October, but I just checked and it was 26th September 2007. 
That makes me seven.
and a week or so. 
but let's not worry about that. 
better late than never.

so how to mark the occasion? how about a stroll through the photo archives. 
Seven mosaics, of seven things, with seven links.


sewing things


Seven years of feasting, creating, appreciating, and making memories. and friends.

memories and friends. 

thank you for being part of it.


  1. Happy 7th Birthday! Such a wonderful (and colorful) 7 years! xx

  2. Congratulations - so much to be proud of in the past seven years. Loving the quilt gallery, I can't decide which is my favourite because they are all gorgeous.

  3. Happy Blogaversary!! I hope that you have many more happy years of blogging. xx

  4. What a wonderful post, it must have taken you ages to put it together! Thank you so much, Happy Blogging!

  5. Happy 7th blogaversary. It's so lovely to see all of your makes and things together, a really nice record of what you've achieved. I'm looking forward to following you for many more years. CJ xx

  6. Love the mosaics, so many beautiful quilts! Happy 7th blog-day, here's to the next seven. That must mean I'm seven soon too ... Time to revive the blog! x

  7. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY, Tess! LOVELY backward glance--a real treat to see all your creative projects!! I celebrated 8 years this summer--wow... And we're all still here... ;o) ((HUGS))

  8. Happy bloggy Birthday! My 1st is coming up in December! X

  9. What a dazzling display of loveliness! Happy b-iversary and many more to come.

    Also, that Jayhawk and tiger tail (snort)...

  10. Seven years - that's a long time in the blogging world - so many posts - so many photographs - so much for us to enjoy.

  11. Happy Bloggy Birthday!

    I still think of you whenever I buy anything from White Stuff - I'm so glad you posted that question on your blog a few years back - one of my best "discoveries"!

    1. it's so funny all the things we learn from blogging isn't it, not always what you expect at all x

  12. Happy Blog Birthday Tess! It's been a wonderful seven years -- I'm looking forward to the next seven!!!

  13. Happy seventh birthday! You have a lovely blog and I'm looking forward to continuing on as a fan. :)

  14. Happy blogging birthday Tess. I think you were one of the first people I found when I first started and very shyly posted a comment - way back when....?

    Nina x

  15. Happy Blogday Tess! I keep missing mine too - not sure where I'm up to! Those images are wonderful and I remember a lot of them! I think my first comment to you was that I was envious of you living in Northumberland .... that hasn't changed!! Here's to the next seven! xCathy

  16. Happy blogiversary, Tess! xxx

  17. Belated Blog versary Tess , seven years eh, seems like yesterday ....


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