Wednesday, 19 August 2015


1 week since we got home from our big adventure to;

emails in my inbox - 113

posts in my bloglovin feed - 394

meals in the fridge - zero

hours catching up on sleep - too many to count

hours with a vague confusion about what day of the week/what time it is - see above

days after we got home that we had a house full of visitors - one

meals planned for visitors - zero (see comment about fridge)

dark sky adventures planned long ago and clear skies wished for - one

impromptu barbeques at Kielder Forest - one - fuel, food and drinks purchased an hour before setting off

emergency stops en route - one - for marshmallows!

number of jumpers worn to stargazing event at Kielder Observatory - not enough........
(seriously it's August in the north of England, does it Really need to be that cold up there (8C), the week before we were living with 32C at the same time of night..........))

number of stars seen - oh my - countless

number of star clusters seen - three

number of rings around Saturn seen - one

number of Saturn's moons - one - Titan

number of galaxies - two

number of times I times  pinched myself at the brightness of Milky Way - many

awe in which I felt myself in, so small amongst the constellations - endless.

distance from the furthest galaxy we saw - 40 million light years

and I thought we'd gone a long way............


  1. Oh my word, that observatory is amazing! I would have been in transports of delight had I seen what you did. I watched the video link, it is an amazing facility isn't it? Thank you for writing about it.

  2. In Bloglovin it looked like you had 394 meals in the fridge. For a moment I was completely speechless in admiration and envy. Glad you've had such a wonderful time. CJ xx

    1. oh good grief no. I wish..

      perhaps I need to check how things look in different formats before I publish............

  3. Like CJ, I saw 394 meals in the fridge and wondered if you'd opened a school or something. :) It sounds like you've been very busy. I liked seeing it all broken down by numbers, that was a great idea.

  4. I just clicked on your post and didn't read it until I was actually at the post! So I see zero meals in the fridge and totally get that as that is what I find in my fridge when I return from anywhere! Thank goodness for shops open every day nowadays is all I can say!! The visit to the observatory sounds fabulous! So many great things to see!!! xx

  5. Fun post. I totally forgot how to tell the time today.

  6. 394 micromeals in your fridge? Or huge fridge? I was intrigued to find out more and feel relieved that you are actually normal like me, no meals in the fridge after a holiday. The stargazing experience sounds amazing. Glad it was a clear night (if a bit cold). Welcome back to planet Home!

  7. Love the lists here and the experience at the observatory must be just jaw dropping. I would probably cry the whole time through something as beautiful as that.

  8. Excellent list. We have a tiny fridge at the moment as the last one broke and we want to redo the kitchen so we bought a small one as an interim measure. It fits next to nothing in so we usually have zero food in there (cue constant complaints from teenager).
    I would love to visit the observatory at Keilder. I think it needs to go on our 'to do' list.

  9. Loads of laundry - too many to count, I'd bet :-)

  10. Great post - the stargazing experience sounds amazing. xx

  11. Great numbers themed post. Stargazing sounds amazing. 394 bloglovin posts is a lot of post- holiday reading! X

  12. I hope your jet lag has worn off now! the star gazing sounds amazing. I long to get a telescope and live somewhere dark enough to see the stars. - ANnie

  13. I hope your jet lag has worn off now! the star gazing sounds amazing. I long to get a telescope and live somewhere dark enough to see the stars. - ANnie

  14. Those numbers improved lots through your post - thank goodness! Really felt for you on the visitor front, sounds like an amazing star gazing trip though. Hope your weather has improved a little since this, but judging by ours I think maybe fat chance. I reckon be thankful for your brief experience of the 32 degrees!

  15. oh stargazing, one of my favourite things, and that sense of the enormity. x


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