Tuesday 5 February 2008


pancake day breakfast;

teddy bear pancakes with choc chip faces.

well you can't send the children to school with a healthy breakfast everyday can you?

and because it's nearly valentines a sneaky peak at something I've been making.

thanks for all the lovely supportive comments about the house moving dilemma (it does frustrate me that I don't get everyones email so I can thank you personally).
it is slowly becoming clearer what we will do, I'll try not to drive you all mad with tales of house moving heartache. but thanks for being there!
but soon there'lll be lots of photos of kitchen building to show you - I HOPE!!!


  1. Verrrry cute pancakes!! And am very intrigued by your lovely red heart too-what is it?What is it?x

  2. love the heart and what neat stitching!

    My pancakes were very last minute as I didn't get in till 8pm this evening. Yours were great fun for the little folk - what a great mum they have.


  3. Do you know we somehow forgot pancake day! Husband doesn't like them, B won't touch them and it was parents evening too so we got a bit muddled. Maybe we'll have them tomorrow - I love your teddy bear idea!
    I meant to say on your last post - go with your heart. We did and its the best thing we've ever done. We're actualy nearer the grandparents but I'm further from work (woody works at home). I drive a 95 mile round trip, 3 days a week for a pretty measley salary but its not so bad. Gorgoeus drive (in the light), only held up by cows and tractors and our new life more than makes up for it. We haven't looked back. Good luck with your dilemma, not easy but you'll get there. Take care.

  4. forgot about pancake tuesday, I think the kids did something at school.

    your heart has me intrigued

  5. Oh the pancake is adorable!
    Your heart project looks interesting...looking forward to update! :O) Gx

  6. OK, now I want teddy pancakes too!

    We offered ours pancakes for tea last night - "No thank you, mummy." My kids are odd!

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I have started the beading and am not even a fourth of the way done and I am already wondering why I am doing this! But in the end, it will be very very worth it.

  8. Ooops, I forgot about pancakes...what a terrible mother! Love the blanket stitch and heart - very neat stitching!

  9. I wish I had come here yesterday then I would have realised it was pancake day!! Completely forgot!! Dag nam it!! I love celebrating these things too. Your choc chip teddies look delish!!

  10. Thank you for your sweet comment. I am indeed taking the day off today and will rest a bit. I will post a pic of the cake once it is done next week.
    Hope you have a great Thursday. :)

  11. Love the heart! Hope my daughters don't see that gorgeous teddy pancake breakfast, they'll be demanding it every morning! Good luck with the kitchen and moving dilemma


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