Monday, 11 February 2008

a trip to the woods

last time we went to the woods E, Miss K, and a friend's little boy ran into a bee's nest, and came out screaming, and covered in bees, and stings. in the resulting stripping off of clothes there was much crying, and sobbing, and "I don't like bee's" and my friend and I ended up stung several times too, without being able to shreak because we didn't want to further upset the little ones. fortunately none of the children had an serious allergic reaction, although my friend's arm did later swell up hugely, and she ended up at the doctors.

this incident has seriously affected where we've been able to go on walks recently, and this weekend we decided we had to bury the woods phobia, and with lots of assurances that there were no bees in winter, and with daddy in tow we set off.

there were snow drops

some nice tree bark

a good place to hide,

some trees to climb,

and a good book to curl up with when we got home all tired out.

and no bees


  1. What a nasty experience, no wonder it's taken a while to get back into the woods!

  2. Oh thank goodness, I was scrolling down your pictures expecting the last one to be a picture of a huge swarm of bees! You poor things - that sounds so traumatic. Well done for facing the fear. x

  3. You are all very brave to face your fears like that.. I don't know that I could have controlled my shrieks after being bitten!
    The snowdrops are lovely.. Gx

  4. Wow great photos - so clear. Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Sounds like a lovely walk in the woods! Glad you were able to lay the bees experience to rest - it's so difficult to help children to get over fears like that.
    Beautiful snowdrops!

  6. I don't want to sound doomy and gloomy but you should be aware that the allergic reaction might happen next time they are stung. This happened to my mother who used to keep bees and got some stuck under her suit. The next time she was stung by a single bee she had an allergic reaction and now has to carry an epipen. I hope that it won't happen but sometimes it is best to be prepared.

  7. Poor babies, I'm not surprised they don't like the woods now. My littlest one fell into a patch of nettles last year with similar longlasting results!

    I swell hideously in response to bee stings, but so far only slow reactions. But Alice is right - best to be aware.

  8. AAAhhhhh, that's a very traumatic experience....... well done for managing to get over the bee phobia, very commendable, and not an easy thing to do.

  9. Lovely snowdrops!! Glad no one was seriously allergic with the previous bee incident.


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