Tuesday, 15 July 2008



98 aprons:

294m of twill tape

70m of pink gingham

10m pink fabric for pockets

30m of pink ribbon

2500 yds cotton thread

endless cups of tea, quite a lot of chocolate, lots of late nights, too much unpicking to mention, 4 trips to buy supplies, 2 internet orders (would have helped if I'd added up right so I could order enough the 1st time....) some star helpers - my mum who did some ironing so K and E had clean school uniform, my sister in law who cut out and ironed some aprons, and my hubby who kept me sane - (well almost) throughout, and now a fat cheque for breast cancer care.

oh and lots of pink scraps left over,

bunting anyone......

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  1. Good lord - HOW many yards of thread??

    Well done you!

  2. Well done you, that is a mammoth job for you and just such a 'good' thing to do.

  3. Congratulations! Now if you had mentioned earlier that you were having tea and chocolate, I would have been there in a flash to help!
    Great job!

  4. 98!! Well done, are you having a sewing break now :)

  5. well done you,now you need to give yourself a big pat on the back and put your feet up for a while.
    lisa x

  6. Amazing! Well done - go have a lie down!

  7. Oh Tess, I had no idea you were making sooooooooooo very many, I thought it was a dozen or so. Crikey, I am overwhelmed just thinking about the number ninety-eight!
    Well done, thats some achievement

  8. Amazing effort Tess!! I guess you won't be making anything pink for a while...

  9. How fantastic - what a bloomin' heroic task. Well doen Tess, time to lie down in a darkened room now with even more tea!

  10. Well done - what a marathon! I bet you feel like locking your sewing machine in a cupboard for a couple of weeks now!

  11. I am raising my cup to you! Well done - there will be a place in heaven for you!

  12. 98?????woweee! I struggle to do more than 3 of anything! well done.

  13. Tess, you are truly brilliant, well done. Hope you aren't too weary to give yourself an enormous pat on the back?! LOVE the bunting...xxx

  14. Well done. I'm highly impressed by your perseverance. Hope you are going to have a nice break now.


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