Monday, 28 July 2008

jam and cupcakes

the secret of happiness?

one warm sunny afternoon, 2 willing helpers, one trip to the "pick your own", for2 large punnets of raspberries.

what didn't get eaten by the next morning turned into this

following the easiest ever recipe ever (must be if I can manage it.)

take equal measures raspberries and sugar ( we had about 1 1/2 pounds left after we stopped nibbling on them.)

warm raspberries in large bowl in the microwave for 4 or 5 minutes, then warm sugar in a separate bowl for 3 minutes. combine together, stirring to dissolve the sugar, and then cook for 10-12 minutes stirring occasionally, until set (testing on a little saucer that's been in the freezer)

cool a bit and put in jars, or on freshly baked bread.

we might need to go and pick more..........

I manged to send my parcel for Rachael Rabbits cupcake swap just before the deadline to Lily at Blockaday, and this week I received the most delightful parcel from Sarah and Lisa at A spoonful of sugar. There are no photos of the beautiful packing as I was much too impatient to wait, and inside I found a delightful cupcake themed purse,

tea bag purse and keyring,

as well as some great looking teas,

and some extra cupcake goodies

- the sweetest little cases, and a fantastic stencil for decorating cupcakes/coffee - expect to see some very stylish baking going on round here.

thank you so much for your really lovely and generous swaps. xx


  1. Such lovely cupcake goodness! Those stencils are a great idea and I love that purse. Magic.

    The raspberry jam though - what a fantastically easy recipe. I've just polished off some chocolate but your picture's made me hungry again. What a piggy.

  2. Oh I just love raspberry jam!!! My life was consumed by it so much of last week. Definately go and pick more!!!! That little teabag purse is so cute.

  3. Yummy jam and what a fabulous swap! The teabag purse is a very good idea; I am picky about tea and would undoubtedly be happier in cafes if I could just use my own teabags. Love the cupcake stencil.

  4. Your jam looks delicious Tess - I can't wait for summer! Glad you liked the goodies - the stencils work well on the top of cappucino's as well.

  5. What yummy looking raspberry jam! Wasn't the cupcake swap fun? I received a lovely package all the way from England.

  6. Your recipe for happiness is scrumptious! Nothing like homemade jam...mmm...Your sawp gifts are sweet treats as well! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  7. I should remember to research if there are any "pick your own" farms around here. Would love to take my little girl to one and I would enjoy some fresh berries myself. mmm..

  8. wow, the jam looks fabulous! I bet it tastes just like summer!
    Very lovely stencils, am off to search for them!x

  9. oh what lovely cupcake goodies!
    I am going to have to try making that raspberry jam, it sounds easy but I am pretty sure I can make it complicated!

  10. bread, butter and jam AND cupcakes? can life get any better?

  11. The jam looks delicious and jewel like. I may have to give that recipe a go once the weather cools down a bit!

  12. I LOVE raspberry jam! PYO was on my list of summer things to do, but it may have to wait til we get back from hols now...

  13. The jam looks yummy. Great idea with the cupcake stencils too. I'll have to look for those.

  14. Your swap goodies are great - I have not yet received mine yet, but Iv'e had a little peek and i can't wait! - Natalie x

  15. What a lot of lovely goodies in your swap package. And lovely jam too with a great easy recipe. Sounds like you are having fun.


  16. What fabulous goodies. Raspberry jam is my favourite.

  17. That raspberry jam looks lovely - thanks for sharing the how-to. I always think making jam is the kind of thing I should be doing!
    Lovely swap goodies too!


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