Tuesday, 19 August 2008

blue sky - where?

do you like the lovely calm beaches and blue skies of our holiday photos?
what do you mean you can't see them..........

come down this "really safe" ladder instead

and look for fossils

if you're lucky you might catch a crab in your fishing net

and if you are really lucky a hint of blue sky!
we had a great time, despite the cold (my fingers were numb after 2 hours of not catching any fish) and the wet - the 7 loads of laundry I've done so far are partly due to the rain, and partly due to E falling in the sea at least 4 times - fully dressed....... but it was lovely to be away, to spent time with both sets of grandparents who visited for 2 days each, and 2 of K and E's cousins who joined us as well.
nice to be home though, and it's rained non stop since we got back - so we still feel like we're on holiday!


  1. sounds like you had an awesome holiday despite the lousy weather!! love those fossils.

  2. I can only sympathise with you on the wet holiday front...

    I'd love to find a fossil - it's on my list of things to do!

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely time, in spite of the weather! Lots to amuse the children too.
    I sympathise entirely with the laundry aspect - my little girl fell head first into mud yesterday, covering all of us as well as herself, which was no mean feat!

  4. Sometimes it's amazing the great time on vacation you can have even when the weather stinks! Those fossils are neat!

  5. Glad you all enjoyed yourselves, despite the rainy weather. Though I have to be totally honest here and say that I actually love the beach when the sea is being all mean and frothy!

  6. At least you all had fun and a chance to be together. Isn't this weather horrendous?
    lisa x

  7. Even with the bad weather it still sounds like you had heaps of fun.

  8. Thought I'd stop by and say 'Hi'. Looks like you had a great time despite the weather.
    Hope I didn't disturb all the ironing that has followed the 7 loads of washing..Yikes!

  9. A memorable holiday then......................!
    Now I'm 'grown up', the thing that I love about holidays is the escapism from everyday life........... and that freedom to be leisurly............. of course, dry clothes always help!

  10. I am such a wimp with ladders - I would be squeaking all the way down! Wonderful sunny weather you had ... hum ... typical that you go on holiday and the sun decides to hide for the majority of the time!

  11. Welcome back! It is always sunny somewhere in Blogland so you can have a late summer getaway on your computer.


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