Thursday, 28 August 2008

wet summer

how to tell if it's been a wet summer.

you have an almost full bottle of suncream.

you never got round to making that sun top you promised yourself when it got sunny.

everywhere is VERY green

mossy walls

can't see any 4 leaved ones

green views as far as you can see

even green roofs

of course not everything green is a good thing........

but the sure way to tell it's been wet is when you get frogs in the sand pit..........


  1. My bottles of suncream haven't even been opened either! We're having one last crack at it this weekend...

  2. Hmm. I don't think we posess a bottle of suncream. But I do hear the big round hot yellow thing is due to make an appearance in the next 48 hours...stand by your (sun) beds!x

  3. don't forget the amount of snails and slugs about too....
    lisa x

  4. Haha - yes, we too have bottles of suncream which are still brimful, and we didn't even get around to taking the sun loungers out of the garage this year as there's barely been a glimpse of sun. Still, all that green is very lovely!

  5. Just last week we had a frog lurking around our patio! lol
    Sunscreen? I cannot even remember where I've put our bottle. :)

  6. Firstly get yourself to M&S and keep eating those cakes....much more fun...they do a great line in support knickers, they work wonders with a slinky dress!!
    I must admit I love the greenness...(great pictures), when I lived abroad I'd crave to see some green..somewhere...anywhere..

  7. We did use up our suncream, but only because we all have fair skin and hair and were spending hours on the beach even in the cloud (and rain). Even so Mr DC and I managed to burn on the sand with no sun, thought he littlies were fine.

    No frogs in the sandpit here though!

  8. I love moss - I would have a whole moss garden if given half a chance ;-)

  9. After two wet summers I am considering having an umbrella attached to my head to save the trouble of carrying it.

  10. Looks heavenly, but then I'm sitting here in the American midwest feeling parched and freckled and weary of air conditioning (but grateful for it!!). Actually, we've had more moisture than usual, so I'll stop my bellyaching!


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