Saturday 6 September 2008

one cake, two cakes, three cakes

number of websites visited to try and find a local replacement for the raw wedding cake: 9000?

number of supermarkets visited to...... : 4

number of farm shops visited to ....... : 4

cost of replacement cake in Betty's : way too much...........

numbers of offers from friends to bake me a cake: 2 - I know they don't read this, but I thank them.

number of miles driven today to fantastic deli where they had perfect cakes: 23

number of happy children who got to visit castle near perfect cake shop and clamber on ruins, and play in the moat: 2

number of happy children who got to go and see a exhibition of Quentin Blake illustrations near perfect cake shop :2

amount of money I wasted by not cooking cakes properly : we won't go there....

number of cakes marzipanned and ready for their icing next week : 3

number of extra wrinkles/stress lines/ grey hairs : can't count........


  1. Oh poor you Tess - how stressful! Glad things are finally going your way...!

  2. So glad there's a happy ending, but egad! -- what a lot of work to get there! (Judging from the location of that castle, I'm thinking you must live in one of my very favorite parts of England...sigh!)

  3. Phew - what a relief, but what a lot of slog and research to get there.

    I am experiencing some envy at your visit to the Quentin Blake exibition. Thanks for the little QB pic - it made me smile!

  4. at least you've got the cakes now. I love Helmsley , I used to go camping there. Did you see the teddy bear shop up the back alley - or maybe its not there anymore!!
    Lisa x

  5. Oh poo. Have you got a supply of chocolate in?x

  6. Glad you found a deli to save the day! Hope you haven't lost too much sleep. At least you had the silver lining of a lovely day out!

  7. That's a lot of numbers! At least they are marzipaned now. I hope you have a stress free week!

  8. Whew! But at least there was some Quentin Blake at the end :) K x

  9. That must be a huge relief. I feel relieved and I wasn't even the one with the cake crisis!

    A Quentin Blake exhibition sounds fab though.

  10. I'm glad you found the replacement and the kids enjoyed the outing. Hopefully there is going to be no more stress related to the wedding.

  11. I shouldn't laugh, but I'm sat here smiling at your post! I'm glad your sense of humour is still intact - I'm not sure mine would be!


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