Wednesday 3 September 2008


after yesterdays cake disaster I needed to find some positive things to think about regarding this wedding we're going to/helping organise/supposed to be helping cater for before I messed up the cake...........

so here are some of the many sugar daisies I've made to decorate the cake, the plan is to have rows of the little sizes around the tiers, and a cascade of all the sizes tumbling down one side. My confidence in my ability to manage this is currently at an all time low, but I'm hoping that if I manage to get all the bits safely to Scotland ( I've only got to pack everything to survive a 8 hour drive and a trip on a car ferry, no problem) then a large glass of wine will help with the assembly process.......

and here's a shot of Miss K with a practise hair do, one of the plans is to french plait the top bit (well her auntie is going to do that, she's better at them than me, but she doesn't know yet....) and then leave a pony tail, which will be curled. Plan B is to make 2 little plaits, and bring them round the back to made a little crown, but then I think the length of hair will be too long to curl, and Miss K thinks she might want curls, and then she changes her mind.......

and here's my borrowed dress, back from the dry cleaners, and all ready to wear,

I've been trip trapping round the house all morning in my new shoes trying them out, and working out if I'll get blisters.

tomorrow we go to collect the wedding dress, and then go and buy lots of lovely food for the buffet, oh and a new cake...


  1. Good luck with the final preparations - I'm sure it will all be perfect. The sugar flowers look lovely. Have fun!

  2. The flowers look fabulous, and I'm sure they'll be fine on the journey and look amazing on the cake! K x

  3. Looks as though you've been working really hard and achieving stacks fir the wedding. Was sorry to hear about the cake but those flowers are lovely and your idea for using them to decorate the cake sounds gorgeous. Hope it's a magical day.

  4. That's one swanky dress! And I wish my hair still looked as smooth and shiny as Miss K's. Those greys sure change things! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  5. Your flowers look gorgeous and I'm sure the cake will look perfect!
    I had the same thing happen when I cooked the plum puddings last Christmas..went to serve and not cooked inside!
    Good luck with the final preps..Miss K has beautiful hair..I'm sure whatever style she gets will be lovely :D Gx

  6. I hope everything goes well with the cake, the daisy idea sounds lovely. Your dress is really pretty , hopefully we'll see a couple of wedding pics showing which style Miss K chose?

  7. I'm sure the cake is going to be beautiful judging by the wonderful flowers you've made.....that's quite a journey you've got to make with it all but I'm sure it'll be worth it and you'll have a lovely time.
    The dress is gorgous, You must show us the pictures when you return.
    Jane. x

  8. Just catching up on all your doings while I've been away. You have been BUSY! Sorry to hear about the cake but love the daisies and I am sure you will make just the perfect design - just let those creative juices flow.
    Beautiful dress and hope you have a little something to go over it as it may be a bit chilly up there in Scotland!!
    Hope you have a really lovely time and look forward to hearing all about it.

  9. The flowers are wonderful, and your dress is just lovely, I am sure everything will be just perfect and lovely.


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