Thursday 25 September 2008

wedding flowers

the meaning of flowers continued:

white roses - purity, innocence

delphiniums - ardent attachment

eryngium - believed in the 17th Century to be an aphrodisiac

purple roses - enchantment, permanence, enthrallment

heather - good luck

lavender - constancy

cala lillies - beauty

the idea was to match the Scottish landscapes, purple heathers, blue skies........ where are those blue skies?


  1. Blue skies or no, it's still spectacular! I'm packing my bags Right Now. (The flowers are stunning, too...)

  2. Those flowers are some of the most gorgeous wedding bouquets I've ever seen. So original.

    Gorgeous lilacs and blues - even without the skies to match!

  3. How lovely and unique are those bouquets, at least you get to imagine what the blue skies may have looked like.

  4. The flowers captured the colours perfectly - they are all gorgeous.

  5. I love the white roses so much, absolutely beautiful. And the colours all tie in so beautifully with the landscape as well.x

  6. simply lovely. i enjoyed the sentiments behind the flowers.

  7. Gorgous bouquets. I love Delphiniums, one of my favourites. Shame the sun wasn't shining but stunning all the same.
    Thanks for the meanings..
    Jane. x

  8. Absolutely stunning flowers..esp love the eryngium and purple roses! :D

  9. Gorgeous flowers - did you do them? The cake was lovely as well. xx

  10. no I helped choose what went in them, but that was all - too busy with the cake.......


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