Sunday, 5 October 2008

bloggers block

so I seem to have blogger's block....
after happily realising that I'd been blogging for a year, I've got stuck.
no photos,
no recipes,
no sewing.

it could be because I've got a filthy cold, and I've practically lost my voice - so when we went out yesterday I was terrified " what if the children run into the road and I can't shout at them to stop" - never mind that they were both holding my hands, and daddy was there too - mother paranoia strikes again.

it could be because my head is full of school stresses - Miss K is miserable at school again, last term it was a real problem, and I had meeting after meeting with her teacher, but it never really helped. this term it's started again, not as bad, but my tolerances for the schools lack of understanding are diminished. so on Friday J and I went to look at a different school, and met the head teacher, and looked around, and she mentioned that she'd spoken to the head at the current school - so when Miss K came home and said the head teacher had come to talk to her I was so frustrated - does it take us going to visit a new school to make the old one sit up and pay attention.... and how do we possibly decide what it best - do we vote for fresh start, move her away from the friends she has, but also away from those not so friendly, and to a much smaller school where she may find her hidden confidence, it must be in there somewhere. or do we stick it out, stay where we are, opt for stability, and have more fruitless meetings with the teachers.... I bought her a CD this week from amazon, it might not help with the confidence, and the sleep problems , but I've quite enjoyed pretending to be a jellyfish.........

it could be that a friend advised that the way to find an answer might be to write a list of everything, get very drunk and then stick a pin in the list... didn't write the list, but did drink a large amount of wine last night....

it could be that the change in seasons has unsettled me - where has autumn come from? I'm still waiting for summer....

or maybe I just need to get out my sewing machine, and then I'll have something constructive to write about, and not just a load of moaning... normal non moaning service will resume soon I promise, please forgive today's indiscretion.

on a positive note I discovered a real bonus about being ill at the weekend - an excuse to curl up on the sofa and watch Saturday kitchen, which I really like, but never watch as we're always busy busy busy. even better J watched the end with me, where they made chicken chasseur, and said "that looks nice - shall we have it for dinner tonight?" and then he proceeded to cook it later whilst I went for a snooze, so I woke up to a house smelling of delicious dinner, and one very pleased with himself hubby who had just cooked french cuisine!


  1. Hope you get everything sorted for Miss K - such a hard decision to make. Your chicken chasseur and a nap sound just the ticket, hub is a keeper :-)
    lisa x

  2. Saturday Kitchen is such excellent TV therapy. I hope you feel better soon. It must be hard to see your little girl feeling unhappy about school. I hope that things will be sorted out for her, and for you too.
    Here's to a better week beginning tomorrow!

  3. Sorry to hear about Miss K's problems at school. Home Education is always an option; and it defeats head teachers talking about you behind your back!

  4. Blogger block is a nasty, nasty thing. I hope your school problems are solved soon, it's always rough when folks don't like school (I have a couple in my classes these days!). I hope you are feeling better soon, too! I love a good excuse to watch cooking shows under a blanket!

  5. Tess -- you might think you have blogger's block, but I thought this was a wonderful, authentic, interesting post. I tire of blogs that are all sweetness and sunshine; not that I enjoy the really snipey ones, but the "everything is hunky dory" ones seem so saccharine and sterile somehow. I feel for you on the Miss K front as well as the sniffly one. I myself was a shy, insecure little person at school -- my mother had to create a points system to reward me for participating in class discussions! You'll make a perfect decision and this, too, shall pass. Take care!

  6. P.S. Aren't husbands who cook the BEST??

  7. great post tess...sorry to hear about the school problems. tears my heart out to hear when teachers are not responding to a kids needs. we changed schools for our son at the end of 7th grade (actually to a school in another town) i remember agonizing over that decision. a pretty hard thing to do...just know that with you and your hubby, your child has the best education right there. school is just school.

  8. It's rotten when things aren't going right at school. I really hope you manage to find the solution soon.
    And how lucky to get a dinner cooked for you - hope you're feeling better?

  9. Ugh, that sounds rotten - poor Miss K, but good for you for listening to her and trying to find a solution. I hope you can find a happy resoultion soon.

    It's good having a hubby who can cook, isn't it?! Hope you feel better now.

  10. Sorry to hear about your blogger block and your nasty cold, I hope soon they will both be better.

  11. sorry Miss K is having a rubbish time, it really can be horrid for kids sometimes.
    Would recommend with the sleeping that you try Culpeppers Chamomile Roman. Is brilliant stuff, just a couple of drops on a hankie on the bedside table and she will drop off. It worked wonders for me when I was having a nightmare time of it.You can buy it online if there isn't a store near you, I think it;s about £8 a bottle, but lasts for ages.
    Hope you're feeling better honey xx

  12. you'll figure out a good solution for your daughter.

    I used to be addicted to watching cooking shows, though rarely cooked anything from them. Hope your husband's cooking and extra rest are helping to fight the cold.

  13. Maybe call it blogging break instead of block? :o) A break is not a bad thing...and you have a lot going on. Hope so much you will be feeling better soon. And that the school situation with Miss K hard for her and for you all as a family, I'm sure. Hope a solution will be found so that she thrives in school. :o) Thinking of you and sending ((HUGS))

  14. Blogger's block is perfectly healthy. It just means your priorities lie elsewhere for now. Good luck with Miss K, must be very stressful for you.

  15. No wonder you are finding it hard to do anything creative, your worry levels sound exhausting - I always find that if I'm worrying about my children everything else stops (actually I've found that my head being tied up with trying to sort through just about anything always signals a blogging break!). So sorry to hear that Miss K is having such a difficult time - I can well understand the feeling you must have of just wanting to take her away from it all.

    How lovely to have such a wonderful meal cooked for you though.

  16. I hope you feel better soon. I love Saturday Kitchen. Mostly (if not only) because I am a huge fan of James Martin. Hehehe. ;)
    I hope the school problems of Miss K can be sorted out for the best.
    Take care. x

  17. Problems, problems, problems goodness only knows how you make these decisions, maybe Miss K could decide for herself?
    Hope you are soon feeling better.

  18. It must be so worrying................ no wonder you've got bloggers block, you've got lots to think about................ Just tell us all about your worries, and hopefully we'll all help to get you through your difficult time....................... Big hug : )

  19. So sorry to hear you've not been feeling yourself and that the lovely Miss K with all her creativity is not so happy at school. Sounds like you all need a little TLC and some time and space together without lots of jobs to do. I hope the weekend gives you that and you have a real sense of what to do re schooling.
    Hooray for understanding hubbys and cooking therapy. Hope you soon feel better.
    love sheila

  20. My parents moved me to a much smaller school at 14 - it made such a difference and I wouldn't have done as well had I stayed at the old school .... I hope everything gets sorted out soon. School kids can just be beastly. Any husband that cooks should be treasured!!

  21. Hello, your post touched a nerve with me .. I was Miserable at one school i went to .. I was bullied by the pupils AND the teachers! (a convent). My parents moved me and it was the best thing they could have done. My personality changed overnight (confidence levels) and I was the person I had been before the convent. It's a very hard decision for a parent to make. I hope you manage to find the best solution. x


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