Wednesday, 29 October 2008

garden update no.1

OK, so digging up and trashing the garden seemed like a great idea last weekend. This weekend we spent MANY hours digging up the roots of the two big shrubs, which were very firmly attached to the border, and really didn't want to move.... but eventually out they did come, leaving two enormous holes and a pile of earth the size of a small mountain, and a garden full of debris and mess......

meanwhile the house is a bombsite because it's half term, and we seem to have done quite a lot of entertaining and feeding of my sister's 3 children, who are here from London, so just imagine the piles of washing up, and the mountains of toys everywhere - no photos - too scary....

so now you have envisaged the total havoc that is my home, imagine my delight when on Monday the estate agents ran at 5pm, and said "we've got some people who'd like to view your house ----- tomorrow....."

I resorted to mild panic, running about like a headless chicken, and demanding chocolate (Lynn has assured me on several occasions that chocolate is the cure for all problems).

so the garden got a very quick makeover, all plans to dig out all the remaining roots and rocks abandoned in favour of a flatten it out, and sort it later approach

the house got a hoover and a very quick tidy, but E saved the day - his contribution when I asked him to make his bed was to create this adorable scene of domestic bliss - how can anyone resist living here now!

so they came, they left, I'm not holding my breath, but I am holding a pile of books, because whilst J is working at home today, which is seriously hindering my time on the computer, it did mean I was able to get in the attic, and rescue a stash of books!


  1. I think that the house-lookers are talking even now about the wonderful blank canvas of a garden that you so thoughtfully prepared for them. And well done, E!

    Enjoy those rescued books, and never doubt my wisdom about chocolate curing all ills. Except for pinkeye, blast it all...

  2. I love Nigella and Jamie! Those are some great companions in the kitchen!

  3. Fingers crossed that the house sells!

    I can just imagine you running round like a mad woman shoving stuff in cupboards in between tidying up the garden!

    Vanessa x

  4. A patch ready to be new people...who wouldn't love the possibilities??!! Your stacks of books are wonderful. I have many of those titles myself...Sit back and enjoy time alone with those good titles. :o) Happy Weekend ahead to you & yours ((HUGS))

  5. Fingers crossed for the house sale! I think our bookshelves may be long lost twins ...

  6. Wow, I haven't caught up with your blog in ages and what do I see - such lovely things from swapped magazines to finished quilts and then super size gardening complete with tornado housekeeping!

    I like the look of the Sarah Raven books which I haven't seen before. I, too am a fan of Nigella and can't imagine her being resigned to the attic!!

    Have a great weekend.


  7. well done on the quick tidy up - fingers crossed
    lisa x

  8. Hope your house sells soon ... :0)


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