Saturday, 1 November 2008


glowing pumpkin faces in the windows

casting an eerie orange glow

E spent an hour of designing this beautiful mask and then couldn't hide his disappointment when I failed to sew it into a mask for him.....

but it was ok, because Indiana Jones came to the rescue, and went off in search of hidden treasures - aka chocolate!

so a happy Halloween was had by all, but the black (ok burnt) pizza wasn't popular, so won't become an annual tradition........


  1. I love newly carved pumpkins - we did ours a day too early and by this morning they were starting to sprout mouldy hair so they have gone out before they subside even further!

  2. Good old Indy to the rescue. I completely forgot about our pumpkins. They're still outside on the doorstep where they've been for the past month!

  3. The ill-fated mask design, revealed! Love the Indy option. And it was nice of you to carve a pumpkin to look like ME when I had one tiny (swollen) eye and one regular one. (Thank goodness that's over with!)

  4. Our pumpkin was a bit of a disappointment as the candle wouldn't stay alight! Hope you had a fun hallowe'en

  5. Our Halloween pizza looked just like was so perfect before all that Halloween candy!

  6. Love the Indiana Jones idea! Hope you had a great Halloween


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