Thursday 20 November 2008

7 things

Thank you Lisa for this award and the 7 things tag that came with it, ......

7 Things to do before I die

in no particular order:
  1. learn to crochet
  2. raise 2 well adjusted children
  3. see the Northern lights
  4. make a difference to someone
  5. take better photographs
  6. meet up with some of my new blog friends
  7. find my mobile phone

7 things I do now

  1. procrastinate
  2. spend a lot of time looking for things that I've tidied away somewhere, or left somewhere randomly - like my keys for example, or my mobile...
  3. scatter threads through the house as I sew

  4. take lots of photographs
  5. drink lots of tea
  6. eat too much chocolate
  7. avoid doing the ironing at all costs, until both children are clamouring for school uniform

7 things I can't do

  1. crochet
  2. park in small spaces, or parallel park, or in fact park in medium sized spaces, if I'm on my own I'll drive about till I find a space I can drive through, and straight out of, without any of that nasty reversing nonsense.
  3. find my mobile
  4. touch my toes. even after 4 years of going to an exercise class which is meant to make you all flexible and supple.....
  5. get the points to match up in this quilt block I'm making with triangles.
  6. make small talk at parties where I don't know anyone, - I'm always the one in the kitchen doing the washing up...
  7. start the day without a cup of tea - this started when I was pregnant with Miss K, and if I moved at all first thing in the morning I felt awful, so J would bring me breakfast in bed. I no longer get the breakfast - who'd want cornflakes at 6am, but I still get the tea.

7 things that I find attractive in the opposite sex
  1. the ability to park
  2. sledge hammer or saw wielding ability

  3. being able to cook me delicious dinner
  4. willingness to deal calmly with insurance companies/builders/phone company/estate agents when I am so cross with them I want to shout and hurl the phone at them
  5. sense of humour - you need one in this house!
  6. extreme tolerance of my inability to park
  7. being willing to bring me a cup of tea in bed every morning, and then not be ungrateful when I ignore it and go back to sleep.
7 things I say most often
  1. in a minute
  2. have you cleaned your teeth?
  3. has anyone seen my keys?
  4. has anyone seen my mobile?
  5. I love you
  6. when will you two be old enough to make mummy a cup of tea?
  7. what would you like for dinner?
7 celebrities that I admire

not sure if this is admire as in have a crush on, or admire as in talent, charitable good works, or sense of humour....

so a random selection then.... Nigella, Ian Botham, Kylie, Rebecca Addlington, Ronan Keating, James Blunt, David Tennant

7 favourite foods
  1. chocolate
  2. chocolate cake
  3. chocolate dipped strawberries
  4. chocolate brownie
  5. hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows
  6. hot buttered toast
  7. Christmas dinner

    mmm, do you think I should have tried to include some healthy options...

7 people to join in the fun..

Simone, Lynn, Nancy, Rachael, LizzieJane, Jessica, Lesley


  1. oh you have done a good job on your tag! I shall accept the challenge and get to work on it immediately :-D thank you!
    Lesley x

  2. Just catching up on your blog as I have been busy again! You are really good at these tag things - lovely to hear more about you. Lovely to see your labels too, my daughter only suggested last weekend that I should get some for all the handwarmers I am going to make....!!!!!
    Hope you have a good weekend.
    love sheila

  3. Ooh, Tess, thanks for tagging me!! You don't really want me to bore you with another zillion facts about myself, though, do you?? Oh. You do? Well then, I'll see what I can come up with. >;-D

  4. like it , like it :-). Chocolate I couldn't agree more with and the Northern Lights is excellent, why didn't I think of that/
    lisa x

  5. SUCH a good list, I loved it!
    We should definitely meet up one day too...x

  6. Now that was fascinating! I'm afraid I bury my head in the sand with doing those sort of lists...................... I think I give them too much importance................. so I've never actually achieved a list about myself.................. but I very much enjoyed reading yours Tess................

  7. Congrats on your award---you do deserve this sweet one! Loved reading your 7's list...such fun! I live in the land of Northern Lights but have yet to see them myself, they make themselves rare...Enjoy your weekend...I'm sure chocolate will feature there somewhere. ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  8. Mmmm buttered toast. Lots of chocolate related things in there too I see!

  9. Thank you so much for including me! I'll have to think of my seven things and hopefully post them next week!

  10. Crochet is easy :-).

    I can totally relate to inability to make smalltalk.

  11. Thank you so very much for the lovely tag, I must say I do like your answers, so you like chocolate almost as much as me!
    I will be working on my tag answers this week and I am sure chocolate will be mentioned quite a few times

  12. Fun post! I too dream of the day my children will be old enough to make me a cup of tea. Oh, and old enough to stop spilling their own drinks everywhere every five minutes.


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