Tuesday, 4 November 2008

kitchen poetry 2

the contents of my fruit bowl have been displayed before, but these have seen better days, and so are destined for kitchen magic

with the addition of some chocolate chips they become

yummy muffins, you can make them big or small, depending on how hungry you are.

banana choc chip muffins

mix together
8oz Self raising flour
4oz sugar
1 tsp baking powder

in a separate bowl mix
8 fluid oz plain yoghurt
squirt of lemon juice
1 egg
2 or 3 mashed bananas
handful of choc chips
2 oz melted butter

then fold in the dry ingredients gently, and spoon into muffin cases, bake at 200C for 15-20 mins.


  1. Many thanks for the reply about the cafe - do you know I have never been to Leeds and I am 52 - how terrible is that!! I have just jotted down the recipe as my bananas will lokk like by tomorrow am!!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Limecat way.

    I am loving what happened to the bananas here, and I don't even LIKE bananas. It can't possibly have anything to do with the chocolate chips. No, of course not....


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