Thursday, 13 November 2008

bags and more bags

I've started to try and make a few Christmas gifts, it will probably all end in tears, probably by the end of the week, but for now I have a pile of handles and pockets,

a pile of little totes, (although the dino thinks he is a big one!)

some teeny bags for sweets

and using scraps leftover from this, some little present bags, instead of wrapping paper - apparently last year in the UK we used 83 sq km of wrapping paper, enough to wrap Guernsey...

of course what I really want to be doing is playing with my new fabric from sew mama sew, which I finally ordered with my voucher.

so pretty!


  1. Your new fabric is so wonderful, it is really hard when new fabric arrives,don't you want to just start right in on it!

  2. wow very impressive!! ive literally just (last week) got my first sewing machine and learning to sew having never ever done it before!!! are the little totes easy to do ? for a beginner? and can i ask where you got the dino fabric from if you dont mind?
    no more questions for now LOL
    Lesley x

  3. I do like your sweetie bags! I have made a total of two presents so far. I have plans for lots more, but then I was asked very nicely to make new nativity costumes for the school, so the gifts are on the back burner!

  4. well done on all your bags , it's such a good idea to put pressies in bags instead of wrapping in paper. Your new fabric is gorgeous, what you gonna do with it?>
    lisa x

  5. Your new fabric looks lovely - you are very self controlled!! Glad to see you putting the left over gingham to good use. Gift bags are such a great idea - attractive and environmentally friendly.

  6. My, aren't you the busy bee! Do you think if I ate more chocolate I could be as productive as you are? It's worth a try. Well done on the wrapping-paper avoidance, and in such elegant fashion (me, I usually resort to using old calendar pages...)! And I LOVE your new fabric!!

  7. You are far too productive! I haven't even started on my present making yet... K x

  8. Hi, your bags are gorgeous and I love the fabrics...very colourful.
    Margaret and Noreen

  9. Sooo cute, and very, very nicely done! And must say I LOVE all the fabrics--LOL! ;o) Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))

  10. Oooohhh that Gingham! Yum...................... And I have to say, very impressive that you're making Christmas gifts.................... I've been enjoying your kitchen poetry!

  11. Lovely bags and even lovelier new fabric!


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