Wednesday, 5 November 2008

kitchen poetry 3

my fridge

currently decorated with last weeks sewing club work
the theme was 12 days of Christmas

E had 11 pipers piping - love those sequin faces!

Miss K did 4 calling birds

I sat sewing a little calling bird whenever I wasn't needed to thread needles, it's still in my coat pocket - not quite finished..........


  1. I'm always looking for people who entered this game: kitchen poetry. I'm happy to see you joined in.
    Me too. Pitty we haven't a list of all people who did it.


  2. Fantastic job! Love their designs.

  3. Lovely kitchen poetry....Christmas, oh my! It is just around the corner.

  4. I love the sound of sewing club! Do you, Miss K and E all go? I love what you've made there :o)

  5. Sewing club! What a fab idea! K x

  6. when we moved into our newer home we purchased a new refrigerator...I could not wait to hang all the kids art up on the door...I got out my magnets and plunked one beautiful kid art slid right to the floor...yup! you guessed it fake just got to laugh!

    love your refrigerator art photo :o)


  7. love the calling birds creation :-) and am now going to justify letting bananas go black so i can make the muffins in the prev post :-D
    thanks for your comment by the way and if you want to swop naked ken's for lego men let me know LOL
    Lesley x

  8. I'm always impressed by your kids work - so creative.


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