Tuesday, 21 October 2008

rainbows and recipes

OK, so it's taken me 6 months, but I've finally quilted the rainbow quilt! and sold it! A friend needed an urgent baby gift for a family baby, and rainbow quilt came to the rescue.

I was really pleased with how and turned out, and actually found it really hard to part with it, but I guess I can make another one...... (I wonder how long that will take me....)

It's amazing that it got finished considering I received a lovely parcel from Lisa's magazine swap, my swap partner Rachael Rabbit sent me these lovely magazines, and I could (OK make that have) spend hours drooling over the recipes, and the lovely photos.

thank you Rachael, I shall let you know when I've made some of the recipes!

I hoping for good things from these organizing tips too - what's your best tip for organizing stuff?


  1. Your quilt is really really beautiful! Lucky baby! x

  2. What a lovely quilt, I would have had a very hard time parting with that one.
    My great tip for organizing and tidying stuff is...just walk out of the sewing room and close the door! Not so good though when you have to go back in again though, sometimes I wonder if a pack of wild dogs went through while I was gone!

  3. That quilt is a beauty! As for the latter of the two magazines -- I always pick up that one from the library's freebie bin, flip through it, and then become completely overwhelmed by all of the ways to become more organized and efficient. And at that point I'm compelled to lie down and eat chocolate. (Any excuse...)

  4. Lovely quilt, lucky baby!

    As for organising - throw it in a cupboard and then find something really heavy to wedge the door shut. Turn down the lights and light lots of tealights and you can fool people your house is gorgeous and stylish when in daylight nothing matches or coordinates - I know, I did it yesterday evening!

  5. well done on finishing and selling your quilt. Looking forward to seeing some recipes
    lisa x

  6. congrats on your finish. organizing tip...pick it up and put it away when you are done with it. i sure wish i could follow this tip.

  7. Gorgeous quilt; I'm not sure I would have been able to let that one go.

  8. What amazing quilting. I need to post your pretty magazines and scarf ... oh how my little parcel looks stingy! Happy baking xx

  9. That quilt is fabulous............... I love your interpretation of rainbow................. very modern and abstract............... a real designer.............. Well done!

  10. quilt is lovely well done :-)
    i did a post about being more organised and the best tip i had was "one in, one out" its slowly working although a lot to get out first !
    Lesley x


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