Monday, 23 February 2009


this is my 200th post, which seems impossible, and to celebrate I thought a little giveaway was required. I really liked Lynn's idea that for a 200th post everyone sends the author chocolate, but I know she didn't quite work out how to make it happen.............. so instead I shall send a little something including chocolate - but of course I can't photograph it, because I haven't bought it yet, because if I buy it to far in advance it might go mouldy (get eaten..............)

I've seen so much lovely crochet around blogland I thought it would be nice to make a few little crochet flowers as a giveaway - it doesn't look that hard............

mmm, have spent all weekend scowling a LOT, the wrinkles in my brow will need industrial strength straighteners to remove them, there has been swearing (shocking I know), crying almost, throwing of wool on the floor, and much muttering.

there will not be any crochet flowers included in the giveaway, but to make you laugh you can see my delightful "creations"

I'm thinking of piling them into a tower, and exhibiting them at the Tate Modern, sale price 2.3 million pounds...........

this is better in that it's bigger, but why it got wider and wider is beyond me.........

and I really like what's going on in this corner, but as I didn't plan it, and it doesn't look like that in my library book I know not what I did, and therefore won't be able to do it again..............

so if you don't want a tangled crochet mess but instead a felt flower perhaps and some other goodies leave me a comment (that I can contact you from), and if anyone knows what's going on with my crochet I'd love to know..............

I'll draw a name on Friday 27th

tess x


  1. sorry i shouldnt laugh but at least you tried!!! the instructions on lots of things ive found very confusing but the flower tutorial on Attic24 blog i just got it straight away so may be worth giving that one a go ? good luck!
    and congrats on 200 posts ! wow!
    Lesley x

  2. Ah, I love this! The bit of crochet that got wider lookes like an odd half-finished crochet thong! Too funny.

    Mind you all I can crochet is a wonky and uneven line of chain stitch, so I'm a fine one to talk.

    Miss Moss Stitch told me tonight that she learnt to crochet from YouTube, so you could give that a try. Or else do more crocheted thongs and make your fortune selling them as exclusive underwear to the rich and famous :o)

  3. Congratulations on 200! I think I'm on 199! I agree with the List Writer, I thought there was a potential crochet bikini in the works...

  4. Congratulations on your 200th post, that is quite a milestone!
    At least your crochet looks a darn sight better than mine ever does. I don't know why I find knitting so easy and crocheting so hard!

  5. 2.3 million pounds is a snip!

    Keep going with the crochet, you'll get there...

    And 200 posts is VERY impressive!

  6. Would it lower the tone of your comment box if I said that that looked like a uterus? And in the next photo, a close-up of the ovary? Yeah, maybe so.

    Well, happy 200th anyhow!!!!!!

  7. Happy 200th post. I will be happy to send you some chocolate to celebrate :-) and some crochet flowers, but of course I don't have your postal address.

  8. Congratulations! You are sooooo good at keeping your blog going - much better than I am!! And I, too, would love to send you some chocolate!!
    Don;t give up on the crochet. I had someone teach me, years ago now, but it was great to have someone to ask why things were going they way they were!

    Hope you are having a good week. I too have a wondeful Jasmine here in the dining room - just love the scent.


  9. lOL, sorry it is not funny as I cannot crochet but it does look like a thong that has been chewed !!!
    SORRY! I would love to send you some chocolates but I’ve eaten all of them, well done though on your 200th post.
    Keep going with the crochet you are doing better than I could do…love Lou xxx

  10. oh dear!! perhaps we should create a museum of crochet invertebrates. Your crochet jellyfish in jars, will look great with my crochet worms and caterpillars in jars!! or we could pool our 'specimens' and double the price at Tate Modern ... Yes there were many tantrums here before I lost the will to crochet for ever!!


  11. 200! Wow, indeed a reason for chocolate, (so is post number 174 36 82 13 146 etc etc) I'm afriad crochet has always been my nemesis too!

  12. Well done on 200 posts! Looking forward to seeing what you create in the next 200!

  13. Thank goodness I'm not the only person in the world who hasnt managed crochet! I can knit no problem but the "C" has me stumped. Well done for your 200th post, your felt flower is fab.Have a lovely day - jacqui

    PS - you could say you it was crochet bunting, as it is that sort of shape!

  14. I can not laugh, not actually being able to crochet myself but I think your effort is better than what my first attempt at crochet would be like! its very erm how can I put it? organic!
    well done on your 200th- only 178 for me to go to catch up!

  15. I really liked the felted flower. I'm hoping to take a class in that soon. Keep up the good work with the crocheting you're getting there.

  16. Hope I'm not too late for the giveaway.
    ANd please don't be mad at me for having a little giggle at your modern arty crochet :o)

  17. Happy 200!

    (Was that a thong you just made?)

  18. That's exactly how my crochet started, and now it's much improved, so if I can do it, I promise you Tess, you'll soon be flying!
    I'd love to be in your Giveaway, I hope I'm not too late?
    Vanessa xxx


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