Monday, 9 February 2009

well I think that went astonishingly badly, oh well, perhaps they're looking for someone who can freeze with great ease at the impossibly obscure questions, if not, well then I'm going to save a lot in childcare costs...........

onwards to important things, collect Miss K from brownies, collect E from cubs, go to my swimming lesson, and then wine and chocolate................


  1. :( What type of obscure questions do people in Quilt Museum ask? I hope it didn't go as badly as you think.

    Enjoy swimming, wine and chocolate

  2. Oh, phooey! Good grief, why the obscure questions anyway? It's not like they're hiring a Chief Curator or something! Well, if that's how they're going to be, who needs 'em. Off to have a bit of chocolate (just to be supportive, of course)...

  3. Whatever the outcome you have had a chance to think about your CV and the sort of things that you enjoy doing. That is always a good thing. It may lead to other opportunities or you may decide that being at home is what you want to do. Interviews always help you to see the way forward - even if they are not very good interviews. Interviews with obscure questions that make you feel uncomfortable are not very good interviews.

  4. I'm sure that's just what they were looking for. My interviewers this morning, I'm sure, were looking for a woman who waved her arms wildly as if drawing the answers to their questions in the air whilst saying 'well, you know' as if that just explained EVERYTHING

    still at least neither of us had parking problems

    more penury for me I reckon


  5. Oh pants! Well take comfort - at least you got an interview. I spent three days before I went on holiday filling out a job appilcation form and composing the 'Additional Information' bit. The closing date was 24th January and I've still heard nothing. Really thought I was in with a chance :O( Vino and choccie seem like a good idea.


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