Monday, 16 February 2009

things that are making me smile

valentines carrot cakes - recipe from Lucy at Attic 24, try it, it's heavenly. thank you Lucy. xx

daffodils in a vase, I'm not usually a fan of yellow, but these can't help but make me smile.

daffodils, carrot cake, and a pretty mug, a quiet moment stolen away from the half term mayhem.

my winter jasmine flowering, it hadn't flowered for 4 years, and last summer I dumped the pot out on the deck and gave it a strong talking to, and then left it out till at least November when I felt sorry for it, and brought in back in. and lo and behold, we have flowers, not many, but the scent is heady, and intense.

and finally a stack of shiny new cake tins, all ready to be filled with cake.


  1. Lovely lovely pics today - I know what you mean about yellow - a spot bright for me but in daffs and aconites it just makes me very smiley. There are rather a lot of cheery daffs around blogland this week.

    Those cakes really so look yummy, and rather pretty too - just discovered Attic24 - what a lovely place to visit.

    Emma x

  2. Wonderful pics, they made me smile!
    Now if only I could share one of your cakes then I really would be smiling!

  3. The little cakes look yummy, and daffodils always brighten up a room, love your vase too :D

  4. Ms. T, that is the best mug in the entire universe. I LOVE it. I'll be right over to sit in that nice wicker chair by the window, where I will sip tea from that mug and gobble up a whole bunch of those little cakes. Signed, Someone Else Who Appreciates Yellow ONLY In Floral Form (what are the odds?!)

  5. Those carrot cakes look delicious--love the beautiful heart shape. You can't really help but smile when you see a bunch of daffodils!

  6. Daffodils seem to get away with being yellow...if you know what I mean?!

  7. oh I need a good recipe for carrot cake - I will be straight on there. And I am very with you on the pretty mug - they make things taste better somehow.

  8. I love the smell of Jasmine and that cake is just yummy
    lisa x

  9. So what cake will you be storing in those splendid tins?

    Love daffodils - they make February bearable for me!

  10. I love daffs - you have them out already? Wow ... spring comes so much earlier in the UK.

  11. Oooh, lovely tins and hearty carrot cakes!
    I too have a house full of daffs, I love how they cheer up a room.
    Hope you're well xxxx

  12. Mmmmmm, pictures of lovely things that make you feel all warm inside ... :0)

  13. Oooh i love those tins and that cake looks good too i may have to have a go !!

    Sara x


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