Wednesday, 11 March 2009

cub camp

I feel I have been neglecting my blog. and what excuse do I have?

cub camp.........

first there were badges to sew on newly enrolled cubs jumper so E could wear it proudly at camp.
then there was packing to do - torch and spare batteries on list, mmm where are the batteries?
and baking to do so poor little cubs wouldn't be without a tasty snack. rock buns were made (and since then one copy of recipe provided to appreciative cub!)

after cub camp there was washing to do, but strangely no need to wash the towel or flannel, they stayed clean and dry...........

then after the strict schedule of getting ready for camp we have a new schedule, which involves a chest infection and breathing difficulties...........
3 types of medicine, some once, some 3 times, some 4 times a day. I've had to make a list......

E of course is quite fine with everything, he doesn't have to go to school, he gets to watch tv and not let big sister have a turn at choosing what to watch, and there's endless time to draw which might just be his favourite thing to do, closely followed by lego.

when you combine lego and drawing then you have one happy chappy

especially when you then get to recreate your drawing on mumma's sewing machine......

now excuse me I must go, I forgot to tick off the bedtime medicine, and I think I might pour some medicine for me too, but mine will come from the wine bottle......


  1. i always have to do a chart for medicine when the girls get ill,as i get so confused with all the timings. i love the sewn softie... hope your boy is better soon. enjoy your wine!
    ginny x

  2. Hope he feels better soon - I use Ventolin too, cute softie..
    lisa x

  3. ive had to have special "mummy" medicine this week as well as both mine on anti biotics and off sick - i love the softie and a talented future designer on your hands ? :-)
    hope all better soon i know im wishing the days away !
    lesley x

  4. Fabulous softie!! Hope E makes a speedy recovery.

  5. Cub camp, eeek, how grown up!

    Hope your little man is better very soon. Inhalers and antibiotics are no fun at all :-(

  6. Great recreation! That's so awesome. Hope he feels better soon. I'm in need of some mommy medicine, too!

  7. Oh, Tess, I'm so sorry! Poor little E, and poor little YOU. I hope that by the time you read this he's made huge improvements and you yourself can ingest a little extra chocolate to celebrate. Take care...

  8. Hope your little guy is feeling better very soon. With such great nursing I'm sure he will be. And I'm definitely coming over to your house the next time I'm ill :) K x

  9. Gosh, I'm always amazed at just how organised Mummmy's have to be, and there's no let-up from it, is there?
    I LOVE the toy made from your little boys drawing! I was admiring the drawing, and then in the next photo, a little sculpture made from the drawing! How WONDERFUL!!!!

  10. Hope he gets better soon. I love the cute softie (making softies or going to school? hmm - I know which one I would prefer) :-)

  11. What an adorable little softie! Poor E I hope soon he will be feeling great, there are so many nasty germs going around right now.

  12. I hope your little one is soon better and you can get rid of the medicine chart. Sounds like fun is still being had though!
    Cathy XX

  13. Wine bottle medicine is such a good cure! Hope E gets better soon, take care

  14. Hope your patient feels better soon!

  15. I don't even bother with a flannel in the camp bag anymore! No2's off on a survival camp with Scouts in 2 weeks - I'm sure washing won't be on his survival list!
    Hope your little patient is on the mend.


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