Tuesday, 24 March 2009

hunting for spring

yesterday I began to doubt that it was spring, within minutes the weather would change from sun to wind to hailstones, and all the time the wind blew and blew and it was soooo cccccccold.......

this morning I took the camera on my walk to school

and found buds bursting into life

4 keen fisher men setting up camp by the lakeside

and a hungry goose hoping I had some breakfast for him ..... no Mr Goose I don't want you to bite my fingers or my camera strap, go away.

time for home............


  1. its still cold today , I was going to explore another park with G but had 2nd thought when the wind nearly blew the car door off!!
    Lisa x

  2. Confusing old weather! (Love those beautiful buds. And the funny goose!)

  3. March-in like a lion, lets hope it gos out like a lamb!

  4. Crazy weather all round - but then that's March for you! We have been in t-shirts one day then coats and scarves the next and yesterday got so wet on the school run (walk) that people wound down their windows to laugh at us!

    Geese can be so terrifying!

  5. Love those dear little fuzzy buds - so sweet.

    And am terrified of geese!

  6. Strangely enough we are having the same kind of weather. It will be so nice to see the sun longer than 5 minutes!

  7. It does feel like Spring might finally be on its way, doesn't it! Fingers crossed!
    Love Vanessa xxx

  8. And I thought spring was here. It has been so cold here the last couple of days; most confusing!

  9. What a lovely walk to school! Our weather has been all-over-the-place too.

    We have several geese in the pond behind our house, but I keep my distance. Especially when the babies appear, as it doesn't take much to get the adults into scary hissing fits!

    K x


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