Thursday, 26 March 2009

keeping cosy

when the spring winds are howling you need something to keep you warm, so

from this

to this - too tall

too skinny

just right ....... a cafetiere cosy to match the tea cosies.

I'm going to join in at a friends open house tomorrow, tea cosies and tote bags in tow.....

and when I've not been tea cosying there's been more crochet,

sent me this little flower she made, isn't it gorgeous, I've pinned it on my spring fleece jacket and I've been making something to send back,

no not the mess, although she's welcome to it........


  1. I got one of those flowers too, and like you have been busy making something to send back! shhhh... xx

  2. What prettiness - I love the polka dot cup!

  3. Oh Lordy, I have enough mess of my own. Actually, who am I kidding, a bit more wouldn't even be noticed in the junkhole ... sorry, spare room.

  4. One of Val's flowers plopped through my letterbox a few weeks ago too - gorgeous aren't they?

    Cafetiere cosies? What a fab idea. I LOVE the vintage-style floral one.

  5. Lovely cafetiere cosies especialy the one with dots!

    Nina x

  6. I love them all; I hope I get that good at sewing one day!
    Love Lou xxx

  7. Ooh, whoever ends up being the recipients of those new-style cozies will be lucky indeed. I don't know what I ever did before I had MY Tess-made cozy.

    Now I just need to come up with some kind of craft to offer Val in exchange for one of those flowers...

  8. I just know your tea cosies and tote bags will be a massive hit, they're beautiful. Have fun at the open house!

  9. They look lovely! And the cafetiere cosy is a super idea. The cafetiere definitely gets far more use than the teapot in our house! K x

  10. I love all these beautiful things, especially the cosie's.

    Thank you so much for visiting, your blog is lovely!

  11. Me again.... I forgot to say, I loved the picture of you tearing down the road waving like a manic sea-urchin! Very very funny :)))))) Ha Ha Ha ! I'm going to try it!!

  12. Such sweet cozies! Funny, I've been making crocheted flowers with button centers too! Great minds think alike ;o) Fun to see all the crafting supplies strewn about...Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))

  13. What lovely cosies, I really like the dotty one.

  14. Hi. Loving your blog. I used to have a bit of a thing about egg cosies (I blame Laura Ashley). I used to make them for gifts for everyones birthday's. Can you remember when Laura Ashley used to sell the ready quilted fabric? I could have wept when they stopped selling it. xx


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