Sunday 4 October 2009

being a teenager again

we've been here for 7 weeks now
which is long enough for me to remember which cupboard the cornflakes are in, but not long enough to have made enough friends.
so that when hubby goes away with work I don't want to sit at home all weekend feeling isolated, and instead the children and I hop on the train and go "home", back to where we came from 7 weeks ago.
which they loved, train rides, and being spoilt by grandparents, and seeing some friends.
it was rather bittersweet for me, in my head were constantly the thoughts of "I liked it here, why did we move?"

strangest though was sleeping at my parents house. I last spent a night there when we moved back from Boston 11 years ago. Before then it was in the holidays as a student, or of course as a child.

which is what I felt like on Saturday night. we ate dinner, Miss K and E went to bed, and then I suddenly thought "I really feel like going and calling on F."
F and I were at primary school together from the age of 5. We are still in touch because she is really good at that kind of thing, and whilst we've both moved away/back several times in the last 3 1/2 decades she now lives back in her family home which she inherited a few years ago. the family home that is a 10 minute walk from my parents.

"mum, can I go round to F's house" and off I wandered through the village, just the same as it always has been, and we sat and chatted, and drank tea, and put the world to rights for hours.

until long past midnight when I glanced at the clock, and said "oh god, look at the time, I haven't got a key and my mum will be sitting up waiting for me"

and she was...........


  1. Ooh, to have a long time friend like that is lovely!

  2. Oh my goodness, a true childhood friend. I'm sorry you were lonley this weekend, but glad you took yourself off and made the most of it!

  3. Well...that is you grounded for a while.

  4. that is so funny. When I go home back to Italy I slip into teenage mode too.

    I found myself asking permission to go places too and it always amazes my children! They get really confused.

  5. I have spent a happy half hour reading through the latest posts on your blog. I'm sure you'll soon feel at home as you put your own stamp on the rooms and garden. Best wishes from a fellow Yorkshire girl,who has lived in the soft south for over thirty five years!

  6. Oh, I so remember that feeling when I used to stay with my parents as an adult. What a lovely friend. Now have you tracked down the local knitting club or quilting bee - I bet there is a group somewhere that is just waiting for you to join them. Wish I was closer..

  7. ahhh... that's a nice story. At least it's not too much of a journey to go back now and then. And you get to back to your round kitchen (soooo jealous) and the beach! xx

  8. Oh - sigh! - that sounds wonderful. I haven't had a long in-person lazy evening chat with a friend in about fourteen forevers. Must put it on my to-do list. Versus all of those zillion items on my to-don't list.

    (Just send me a plane ticket, and I'll pop over and keep you amused for the rest of J's absence. It's no problem - really! xoxo)

  9. I love the way that parents do that, even when they know they don't need to really
    I still remember coming home from a night out somewhere between 2 and 4 am (i had got permission beforehand!) and still finding my dad up, even though he'd promised he wouldn't because he'd only worry!

  10. what a joy to read, those memories of our childhood never leave us and as we move though our day with our own children its a nice thought that we are giving them the same memories. I am sure you will make friends soon, I remember that feeling well, its kinda lonely but exciting at the same time.

  11. wow-7 weeks?! where has that time flown?
    How fabulous to have a lovely friend in F.Hope you are feeling a bit more settled in now sweetie.x

  12. Too funny - some things never change!

  13. Hope you're feeling more settled in your new friends will come. And you have the sea nearby, always a huge plus in my book!


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