Friday 2 October 2009

october views and veggies

I forgot to let you look out of the windows when you stopped by for a visit, so here is the view from the front room and my studio (oh how I love how that sounds!)

the road snaking down the hill past many many roof tops, before the landscape opens out to fields, and there in the distance a hint of water. depending on the day/time/sky/ it ranges from a brilliant blue, to the dullest of greys. mostly greys if I'm honest but it still makes my heart beat just a little faster when I see it.

this is today. ok, so who has stolen the sea? I still have roof tops to look at, the huge yellow salt bin (oh what fun, that means the road is going to be an ice rink come winter), but the sliver of sea which constitutes our view is gone.......

equally alarming is the view if I look the other way, in between the houses at the end of the street is a field, and beyond that about a mile or so away is the main road, once which travels the length of the country onwards to Scotland, or heading south it goes right past where we moved from. it is my escape route back to all that is familiar. I am very concerned it is not there......

something that is still there though is the hill. in order to get these views we live up a hill. I know it's still there because I walk up and down it several times a day. Yesterday it felt a lot further and steeper because I had signed up for a vegetable bag scheme at school. the idea is that you get a seasonal bag of local veg/fruit, and because it gets taken to school with lots of other orders you don't pay delivery. which is where the theory falls apart - ie it doesn't get delivered home.

and it's heavy
very heavy

but I'm really excited to find out what's in it, and I have another bag with me to transfer some of it into to make the carrying just a little easier

oh the excitement to open it all up, and discover wonderful treats, and to plan dinner around what's inside, (and what needs eating up first..........)

just one thing though, anyone know what this is?


  1. What a wonderful idea and the thought of those views.......

    have a lovely weekend,

    Nina xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. It's cauliflower - but not your usual white one!
    I get so excited about my weekly veg box, but am VERY glad I don't have to carry it anywhere!

  3. Beautiful views.

    Maybe you need a good backpack. I have no idea what the vegetable on the last photo is, but it makes wonderful patterns.

  4. What about a trolley?? The green thing is a Romanesco .. it's like a cross between cauliflour and brocolli, very tasty and more exciting than either I reckon! Lovely views! xx

  5. A Romanesco Cauliflower! We call them alien cauliflowers here though.

    Think how fit you'll be after a couple of months of hauling veggies up that hill! you will have to get yourself a funky shopping trolley on wheels.

  6. It is a sea creature. I'm embarrassed for you, living close to the sea as you do - didn't you recognize it?

    Meanwhile, what's up with the orange, strawberries and peas? Those certainly aren't seasonal here...

    You will be one buff mum after all of that weight-lifting up the hill. And then you and your impressive muscles can sit with tea and chocolate and revel in that spectacular view (gives me goosebumps)! xo

  7. Wow, you can see the sea from where you now live! I am one jealous lady over here just south of the big smoke in London!! What a fun idea with the veggie bag. I had one of those Romanesco cauliflowers in my veggie box (when I was getting one) and had no idea what it was. It tastes good though.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    love Sheila

  8. You need a little old lady wheely trolley. I have one, as I live up a hill, and I could not live without it.

    The woman who sold me it was kind enough to pretend that she didn't only sell them to little old ladies.

  9. Now I've learned something too, A Romanesco Cauliflower never seen one of them before. . We nearly have a view to the sea... if I was a bit higher up it would kind of match yours -- our beach is not as nice though :-)

  10. I always get a kick out of the CSA bags we get with "mystery veggies....." but yes, that looks like a yummy cauliflower to me:)

    Thick curtains of fog-- always a sign of the coming winter here on our hill too-- sort of nice to know that even across the oceans, the ground and air prepares itself in the very same way.....

  11. Wow wow wow wow wow.
    Seriously, every time I see more of where you live I get more jealous!
    As for the veggies, that's a very cool scheme indeed. We can't really get veg boxes here as our front door is flush on to quite a busy road and we don't have access to our back garden apart from through the house! Still, at least there are farmer's markets (not that we have ever bought veg there as we're always fully stocked when we go!)


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