Friday 23 October 2009

veggie magic

one of the weekly highlights for me is still our veggie bag
the best bit for me yesterday, was that hubby was home so he could carry it up the hill. I refused to let him drive, even though the car was available, so that he got the true veggie experience.

for the little people this was certainly the highlight of the haul

but for me - well take your pick, it could be a magic wand, a glamourous red finger nail, or best of all a red lightsaber !


  1. That pepper! She's a beauty.

    Tell me, how did your Main Man like the true veggie experience?? xoxo

  2. Nom nom nom nom nom

    Its years since I've had a toffee apple, must figure out whether it would be sensible to make some or whether they would be a dissapointment (especially as nostalgia's never as good as it once was)



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