Monday, 23 November 2009

excuses excuses

I tried to come up with a list of really good excuses as to why I failed to commit to a whole week of kitchen poetry, and didn't even manage to start bathroom poetry, hosted by Lynn, which makes me feel truly terrible, as I pushed for her to start it........
so where is this great list, truth is, I couldn't do it, there are no great excuses, only a few pretty poor ones - including
  • hubby backed up all the photos onto an external hard drive, and then deleted them from the laptop, in an attempt to make it work better.. including my bathroom photos - but you really aren't missing much, a spider, some rather haphazardly balanced pictures on top of the bathroom cabinet, a small collection of plastic polar bears who live in the bathtub (??? strange but true)
  • I was too busy baking billions of cookies for the children in need bake sale at school, and truly frustrated to find them all still in E's rucksac when he got home. his defence "I didn't know where to put them, and Mrs C would have shouted at me if I asked" -- Mrs C shouts a lot..........
  • I stole away to the knitting and stitching show and had a wonderful day browsing, admiring, wondering, wishing... (and a little bit of buying)

so to try and make amends, one poetry picture, my knitted rag/strip bathmat.

and now for some eye candy, felt scraps bought in a bundle for making who knows what

lovely yarns, which were far too expensive for a impulse buy, so I've given them to hubby so he can wrap them up for me for Christmas - cunning plan huh!

sweet little crochet heart bunting, made mostly from jumpers that E and Miss K have grown out of and I've spent weeks unravelling. look I'm even blocking the hearts - ok so I sewed them together first, far too impatient to wait but still impressed that I'm blocking them.

and last but definitely NOT least, a lovely lovely lovely parcel that came from Fioleta with instructions to open before Christmas so I could be inspired. Thank you SO much, I love it. xxxxx


  1. It sounds like you've been busy doing the important things in life. Don't ever feel bad for not blogging - because if you do then I'll start having to feel guilty about my sporadic posts too, and I refuse!

  2. Fabric and yarn poetry rather than kitchen poetry - very nice indeed!

  3. I agree with Dottycookie, don't feel bad, life happens and well who are we to nag!
    Love the hearts, can see the bunting coming alond!

  4. There's not so much sense in sitting at a computer when you have such lovely projects to be working on!

    I hope you dont mind I just want to let you know I'm doing a giveaway of a made to measure lampshade on my blog as I've been blogging 2 years now, Regards Zia

  5. The knitted rag/strip bathmat looks very nice. How well does it work in a bathroom? I want to make one, but not sure if it will be very practical.

  6. I like today's poetry! The yarn is especially lovely. I am impressed that you're blocking the hearts. So sweet to get an inspirational package!

  7. Oh, man, you had already taken bathroom photos?!? Ack! I feel like a total heel!! I have single-handedly squelched your creativity. But not really, as I can see you've been wildly creative. The bunting! Love it. Love the felt bits and yarns, too. And the thing where you buy yourself a nice gift and have your husband wrap and present it to you is pure genius!!! xoxo

  8. Your hearts are gorgeous and blocking - you are ever so good!!

    Have a lovely week,

    Nina xxx

  9. Love the yarn (of course!). My trip to the K&S in London was cut short by a phone call from my friend's sons school to collect him as he was ill - I didn't make a single purchase! I toyed with the idea of coming up to Harrogate but didn't make it... maybe next year? We can have tea!

  10. Those are very good excuses, I think...and crafting is always the best excuse! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS)) Oh, if you get a chance, stop by--I'm having a sweet gift giveaway! :o)

  11. Very impressed with the blocking! And love the rag bath mat! You make that yourself? It's gorgeous. I think your cunning plan of buying yarn, then gifting it from your hubby to yourself is very interesting, and very clever! Wonder if it would work on Hugo!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  12. I think they are very good excuses, and as for those new goodies, boy am i jealous to see what will become of them!

  13. I agree with everyone-those are good excuses! You have been very crafty lately (I'm jealous!)

  14. Ooh don't chastise yourself for not blogging at all - I've been terrible recently - so busy and no posts at all for yonks.

    This one is lovely - that little felt bundle is just gorgeous x

  15. Sounds like you've been busy! I Really like the crocheted heart bunting - such a lovely idea.


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