Thursday, 17 December 2009

The C's of Christmas

yesterday I escaped to the city in search of Christmas cheer, culture, chat, coffee and completion of the Christmas list.........

- Christmas cheer -well the sparkly lights and the fantastic nativity scene in a shop window filled that need
- culture - I can't pretend I understood it, especially not the Damien Hirst exhibit......... but it was interesting, and a nice procrastination before braving the commercial part of the trip.....
- chat - my lovely sister in law met me for a day of catching up and putting the world to right
- coffee - and lunch and wine........
- completing the list - cupcake stands, cupcake cases, cups, books, Lego, puzzles, cake, pudding.......

so the shopping is finished, now the wrapping can start.......... look out for me in about a week when I finally escape from an enormous tangle of sellotape


  1. I have just wrangled with a huge box of dolls house for wrapping up - I need a lie down!

  2. Oh god, the wrapping. I had forgotten about the wrapping.

  3. Just in case you didnt get my email you won my giveaway from November-sounds like a great afternoon I use so much tape for work i often notice the dog trailing bits around in her fur!

  4. Oh dear, I haven't even started the wrapping...
    It sounds like you had a great day!

  5. Ooh, sounds like a delightful outing! xoxo

  6. You can't beat a 'cosmopolitan' day in the city - most definitely at this time of the year.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina x

    ps. package is in the post.

  7. I haven't even started the wrapping yet , don't want to think about it - oh dear

  8. Ooh that sounded like a rather lovely way to finish off the shopping. I thought I'd finished the packing last night. Then I found two more stray pressies and realised I needed something else for Mr P. Oh well.

    Have a wonderful Christmas - we're off up North tonight xx

  9. Sounds like the perfect Christmas outing! Hope you've managed to untangle yourself from the Sellotape! K x

  10. hope you escaped from the sellotape in time to have a lovely Christmas :-)
    Lesley x


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