Monday, 7 December 2009

lantern parade

recipe for a truly magical evening.

take lengths of willow and create a square based pyramid, joining the corners with sticky tape
make a cross on the base, and attach a candle to the centre with wires
fill in the sides with more willow in designs of your choice
make a little hole shape on one side for a door,
cover with tissue paper pasted with copydex (very stinky quick drying glue)
leave to dry.

recommended time taken 45 minutes
actual time - over 2 hours........

return later as darkness approaches and attach your lantern to a pole

light candle.

and off we go, hundreds of lanterns shining in the darkness, up through the gardens, through the cherry orchards, past the cascade, fountains splashing in the darkness

candles lighting up the faces of enchanted children (and adults)

leading the parade past the holly king, through the enchanted forest, and to Father Christmas, who is busy handing out oranges.

perfect xxxx


  1. I used to do the marketing for a big lantern festival; gorgeous.

  2. Oh, how glowingly fabulous.

    Copydex, now that takes me back ...

  3. Oh, what a perfect celebration! Wishing I had a pack of revelers to enlist for something like that. And the heart lantern...!! Magic. xoxo

  4. What a magical and enchanting evening. Us Brits do have some weird ones, but fantastic and cherished all the same.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina xxxxxxxx

  5. how absolutley beautiful & enchanting - it's made my day seeing those

  6. Oh this is so fabulous - thakyou so much for the instructions and lovely lovely photos. I will have to do this when the girls are older. I'm a little bit worried about it going up in flames though - all that hard work and I expect it would be gone in a few seconds (along with eyebrows). Did this happen?

  7. Milo was given a leaflet at school today telling him all about this event-- looks magical , pity they gave him it too late !!


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