Friday, 11 December 2009

happy birthday Miss K

Yesterday was Miss K's birthday. 11 years, gosh how time flies.
and what did the birthday girl want for her birthday? well she's a girl after my own heart - chocolate, more chocolate (specifically "after eights") some books, a game and some pj's.

pj's I thought, I can do that. so I take the leftover fabric from downsizing a duvet cover, draw round a pair of pj's we already have, use the directions in Amy Butlers book to work out in what order to sew everything together, sew a motif onto a long sleeved t-shirt and hope it all fits.

note to self, next time check that clothing fits, before using it as a pattern, I've just spent an hour sewing a "border" on the bottoms (not shown), to make them long enough.............

thankfully Miss K didn't mind that they were too short, and happily went to bed wearing them, oh I can't describe how happy that made me feel xxxxx

tonight we have her party, 4 girls making pizzas, rock buns, decorating gingerbread men, and embellishing party bags. which sounds chaotic, until I start thinking about E's party which is tomorrow, and will involve 5 boys, club penguin, a LOT of noise, and running about and shrieking, and if I get my head round it, some penguin themed party games............... any ideas?

then we get E's actual birthday on Sunday, which means more cake! and my brother's birthday is on Sunday too, but we just seen him last weekend, so we won't see him again this weekend, and we'll just have to have some cake for him instead.....

the best thing about birthdays is the cake don't you agree.

and this morning we got another addition to the December birthday list, a nephew for Miss K and E, and I get to be an auntie again.

think that definitely deserves cake, I'm off to do some baking xxxxx


  1. Woohoo! Happy Birthday to Miss K - love her pyjamas. You have a similar birthday 'season' to us - both children, an uncle and a nephew within a couple of days. I like it. It feels like an extra big celebration that everyone gets drawn into.

    The best bit of birthdays is that slice of cake, accompanied by a glass of something nice, once all the parties are over!

  2. Hmmm...the best part of birthdays could be cake...or it could be those wonderful jammies!! I need some! I need a duvet cover, too. I'll just send you a nice long order, and when it's ready, I'll fly over to pick everything up. And share some cake. And some of Miss K's chocolate.

    Happy b-day to all, including the new little nephew!! xoxoxo

  3. Happy birthday Miss K .... Miss J was seventeen yesterday !!! ( pic at the Hen House )

    she's having a pile round for spag bol, CAKE & the X Factor final & we have been banished.

    Thx for your comment - I'm going to put the pic of the lanterns up at The Linen Shelf if that's OK

  4. My word you are busy busy! What lovely jammies and all the better that they were made by mama! We have birthdays in our house this weekend too. Daughter no.4 is 22!!!
    Hope you have time to put your feet up when the excitement is over on Sunday and hope it all goes really well.


  5. Oh my goodness - lots of happy birthdays there. Good luck with the energy levels!

    I keep meaning to make myself some new PJs. Maybe in the New Year ...

  6. Happy Birthday to everyone! Sounds like you do have many birthdays in December. My super-month for birthdays is May.

    Lovely PJs you made for K.

  7. Happy birthday Miss K. What lovely PJs. Sounds like your mum could do with a rest!

  8. Happy birthday, Miss K! Those jammies are great!

  9. So it's birthdays all round! How exciting! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy all that cake!

  10. Sounds like all you do there is party! And what's up with all those December birthdays?

  11. Wow.
    Happy birthday to Miss K, congratulations on the new babbee and my word it seems like your birthday season is very much in one chunk!
    Eat that cake with happiness

  12. Happy Birthday to one and all - and I hope that Mrs Party Organiser comes out the other side in one piece.


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