Thursday, 18 February 2010

365 - a week of daffs

last week I could no longer resist the sights of spring flowers in houses all around blogland and succumbed to a small bunch of daffodils....

which became the subject for my 365 photo challenge. a weeks of daffs I thought.

days 1 - 4 so far so good, fun to record the progress as they opened a little more each day, and it certainly made me pay attention to them more than just a casual smile as Iwalked past.

but at day 5 it all went wrong - for 2 reasons - first we went to my parents, leaving the daffodils behind.
not so bad you might think, but in my will to travel light (we were returning on the train) I left the camera behind too...

so my year already has a whole in, but at least the daffs are still looking lovely, which is just as well, as the snow outside is not springlike at all...............................


  1. I succumbed too - can you not use a camera phone or does that not count?

  2. Lovely daffs. I think they may very well be my favourite flowers!

  3. Love the daffs, but 'doh!!'

    Nina xxxx

  4. Left your camera behind?!?!? That's practically like forgetting to put clothes on! xoxo

    (Those daffies are SO cheery.)

    My word verif says perhaps you lapsed into a "corma."

  5. I love Daffs!
    They make me smile!

  6. I'm resisting daffs so far. It was sleeting today - it seems too much like getting my hopes up early.

  7. Lovely daffs, they're so cheerful. I just popped over from Nina's blog and I'm glad I did as we have so much in common. As well as the usual too many craft books, I also have way too many cook books and we are gluten free in our house too! (oh, I originate from Yorkshire as well!)


  8. Sooo lovely... They are such happy flowers, can't help but smile and be glad to be alive along with them! Have a great weekend all of you. :o) ((HUGS))

  9. I love daffodils. I know when I see them that Spring isn't to far away.

  10. Daffodils always make me smile too.

    And I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures - I only got my camera for Christmas and I'm still a bit shy about using it.


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