Monday, 22 February 2010

half term round up

The end of half term was a snowy one for us. We were walking back from this cupcake decorating workshop (mmm no photos of E and Miss K's cakes, well you see they were worried they would get squished in the bag, so they HAD to eat them straight away....) and could see the snow clouds in the distance as we were walking up the hill, and closer and closer they came, until the first flakes fell just as we reached the door. Very good timing, because then it snowed and snowed and snowed.........

Saturday morning there were bright blue skies and this much snow in the garden, but by lunchtime we were able to go and reclaim the car from the bottom of the hill, and drive to reclaim my sewing machine after it's service. Even though we were away and busy at half term it felt very strange it not being there, and I had to find other things to do, hence the knitting.....

oh and the snow photography....

Sunday we thought we'd go for a nice walk, but there was more of the white stuff............. not loads, just enough to make the thought of going out in the cold very unpopular with all concerned.

so a few craft kits were opened for the smaller people, Miss K is now to be seen at all times accompanied by a panda latch hook kit! and I spent quite some time on youtube before bravely casting on the ba tat sock wool that J bought me for Christmas, round and round and round I go.

btw - do you like the smaller picture size or the bigger one at the end? just wondered......


  1. Not moooooore snow!!

    I love the looks of that cake, but having banned myself for the next six weeks of anything sweet it looks even more tempting.

    Enjoy your week - and the kids back at school??

    Nina xxxx

  2. Big pictures please!

    Snow is trying to fall here today, but I keep muttering up at the clouds, and so far they're listening. Just cold and rainy.

  3. Cupcake decorating workshop = brilliant idea!!!! And I am agape at your knitting progress. Is there any kind of stitchery that you don't do beautifully? I am ready to come and learn at your feet, except I would exasperate the tar out of you.

    And I always figure the bigger the better when it comes to pix! xoxo

  4. More snow here too today, but it was thick and wet and once it finally stopped it started to thaw pretty quickly.

    No lovely cupcakes here though - most unfair!

  5. You seem to have had so much snow this year! I was hoping we'd get another good fall, but we've only had the odd flurry here the past few weeks.

    Hope you enjoyed your half term week!

  6. bigger pictures definately -- your first attempt at socks ? I wish we'd had that much snow, ours was more ice :-(

  7. I can't believe you have had so much snow! We have had just rain here all day and for lots of days it seems plus it is cold. Lovely yarn for the socks. Bigger pics are good too. Have a good rest of the week.

  8. Rain, rain and more rain today but apparently there's snow on it's way - grrrrr! Can't believe you've got all that, and to think we were all in raptures about the stuff last month!

    Cake looks tempting. Oh and another vote for big piccies!


  9. Goodness you really are having more than your fair share of snow this year. So far we haven't seen one snowflake. Yummy cake. I am glad I am not your neighbor or I would find some excuse to invite myself over for tea!. I like bigger pic's too!

  10. Another vote for the big pictures!

    Cake looks lovely and just look at that knitting. Socks? I thought you were a novice?!

  11. I prefer the pictures in bigger size, but I guess I can also look at them of Flikcr.

    The sock yarn - they have some really nice colours. I really didn't need extra temptation :-D I'll just have to try to knit some socks. Good luck with your knitting.

  12. Big pictures :) (more opportunities for nosy people :P)

    The cake looks lovely, I want to eat it please, and I'm sure it would be easily posted...


  13. You know I like/do BIG photos! ;o) We've had more snow here too in recent days... Spring can make her grand entrance any moment now! Happy Days ((HUGS))


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