Tuesday, 2 February 2010

want to be in a bee?

today has been a lazy day, lying on the sofa with the laptop, drinking a potion made from these

with Miss K for company because she is home from school ill too..........

a whole day of online browsing as I don't have the energy for anything else, leaving me time to look, ponder, and plan, and clearly that honey has got to because the plan is -

is anyone up for joining in with a virtual quilting bee?

Oh Franson just wrote a post about them, and I've been browsing flickr groups endlessly wondering about joining.

but then I decided, why join? why not start?

so I'll open it up here, and if there's enough interest great, and if not then I'll post about it on flickr to find some extra people.

so how does it work? well I'm no expert (having never even been in one...) but usually there are 12 people per bee, each person has a month where they decide what kind of block they want, they send out fabric to the other participants who receive the fabric, make the block and post it back to you, so you can make up your quilt. so for 11 months you make one block for someone else, and one month you make one for yourself, and so does everyone else, and at the end of the year there are 12 quilts all made in part by 12 different people.

what does anyone think? are you in?


  1. I shall be an enthusiastic spectator.

    Get well soon!!!!!! xoxo

  2. It's a lovely idea, but I know myself and I'd never get my act together to stay committed for long enough! I shall be cheering you on though - and I'm sure I shall kick myself later.

    Get better soon!

  3. Nothing like manuka honey and lemon!

  4. I read that post too...and wondered...

    Shall I be a devil and say YES?
    Oh, go on then.

  5. I don't have enough hours in the day to keep up with all that I have to do now. So I to will be a spectator. Cheering you on also.

  6. You see, this is EXACTLY what I was talking about the other day. You have a cold. You plan a huge project.

    Go away.

  7. oh i hope you both feel better soon! fliss xx

  8. Get better soon! (and lots of honey is definitely a great thing)

    AS for the quilting bee, I would say yes but for two things....
    1) I can't quilt
    2) I'm not entirely sure it would be sensible for me to learn another new thing!
    Good luck with it though, as I'm sure it will ned up beautiful

  9. I came upon this because I'm stalking the 7 days swap with deepest envy. And I had to laugh, reading the comments here. First of all, you must be very like my heart-friend-sister Rachel - I have to tell her to go away, too - on her death bed, planning things. And isn't this the way? You come up with a great idea that seems to work everywhere else, and nobody will play?

    You lot are giving me a lot of fun today - looking at the things you make, and basking in the borrowed glow of your Brit friendships!!

  10. I wish I could join, but since I know very little about quilting and am already overcommited it would be foolish of me to do so :-(

    Love your new header btw

  11. Sounds lovely - but I can't quilt so I too shall be joining the ranks of jealous spectators.

    Which reminds me, I also need to enviously check out some of those seven day lovely swaps.

    Hope you feel beter soon - I was off sick yesterday and planned and achieved absolutely nothing.

  12. Great idea! You definitely don't want me to join though, I can't sew in a straight line and my sewing machine snarls at me if I go near it! Will look forward to seeing your creations! Hope you're both feeling better soon, nothing better than honey and lemon x

  13. Thanks for the lovely comment you left me.
    I hope you get some takers for your quilting bee, it sounds like a great idea.


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