Sunday, 31 January 2010


hope you all had a lovely weekend, our plans changed, our friends cancelled due to illness, leaving us with a tidy house (yes I did it in the end) delicious baking, and no-one to share it....

we woke up Saturday morning to more snow - didn't expect that, so we went for a fantastic walk, crisp snow underfoot, brilliant blue skies, such a joy after the grey of last week, and sunshine. oh it was heavenly. we went out of the house, across the golf course, no golfers to glare at us... down a lane we didn't know existed, round the back of the town, into town, and oh look a tea shop was calling our names, so we stopped in, had some light refreshments, bought Miss K some new wellies - with marshmallows on - how cute is that! and then back up the hill home.

Saturday night we invited some neighbours in for a drink, and to help us eat the cake - well someone had to see the house whilst it was tidy!

Sunday morning we did the RSPB world's biggest birdwatch survey, such a hardship; make a coffee, grab a florentine, and a quilt, sit by the window with a couple of willing helpers, two pairs of binoculars and a helpful leaflet. an hour later we'd identified blue tits, coal tits, long tailed tits, goldfinches, a woodpecker and more....

Sunday afternoon with no guests to entertain I found myself free to go to an event organized by daisygreen, swishing - not to be confused with any kind of relationship swapping, it's all about the clothes! - you have a clear out, choosing things you don't wear anymore, and would be happy to donate to charity (which is what happens to the leftovers) then the rules are you take upto 15 items, and you can leave with the same number. after a brief browse everyone stands back and there's a countdown before a mad rush for the best items....... I went with some friends who've been before, they knew the best technique, identify what you want to go for first, and be quick.

It was madness, but I got the most gorgeous black Coast dress as my first pick. and then a few other things, some of which on bringing them home don't fit,

including the most gorgeous outfit with an embroidered bodice, oh well it wasn't meant to be, and it can go to the charity shop where it will make someone else very happy.

and I'll finish with my January mosiac.

my favourite shots of my 365 so far. not always the best photos but they sum up my month. ice, snow, hopes and dreams, loves, and quilts. not a bad month xox


  1. Wow what a fun weekend! All that and a clean house too. What more could a girl ask for.

  2. Hee hee, great minds think alike!

    Glad you had a fun weekend, we had a sprinkling of snow too.

  3. just catching up with you and I see you had a celebration too! Congratulations! The photo mosaic is great. The walk sounds fantastic - living in the moment is just great and swishing sounds like a great deal of fun. Have a great week.

  4. I had no idea about the RSPB thing or I would have taken part.

    I was looking out the window this morning whilst baking and noticed lots of feathered visitors to the garden. I saw that several were starting to collect twigs/moss etc to begin nest building - sure sign spring is just around the corner.

    Vicki xx

  5. good work on the Coast dress- I seem to remember trying that one in the shop once!

  6. You are a busy bee, and my mouth is watering over foodstuffs, new dresses and photos.

    Now go have a lie-down with a bit of tea and chocolate... xoxo

  7. What a treat to enjoy a weekend in a tidy house - I can't remember the last time that happened here!

  8. Wellies with marshmellows on - hope they weren't edible??

    It's a shame your friends cancelled, but what a lovely weekend you had by the sounds of it.

    take care,

    Nina x

  9. Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. My daughter would be so jealous if she saw all the birds you get in your garden. She is really into birds at the moment and keeps on hoping to see blue tit (we only get great ones) and few other birds that we don't get in our garden.

  10. I was looking at your mosaic and it made me realise how much I had enjoyed reading your blog this month. Thank you!

  11. I'm going on a clothes swap night next Thursday - am so looking forward to it! I think it's a trend, and it's a great idea. I especially have many scarfs with the wrong colour.

  12. A weekend in a clean house - I am so jealous!

    We didn't do the birdwatch this year - it makes our birds shy you see. As soon as they see us settling down by the window with a cup of tea and a notepad they all fly away and return exactly one hour later, just as the children are declaring what a waste of time that was. Again.


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