Thursday 7 January 2010

guess what

did you guess, yes that's right, more snowy photos!

this is the golf course near the house, which we were recommended as THE place to go.
good decision.
unfortunately from a photography perspective the children move far too fast, and standing half way down the hill trying to get an action shot, is, as I discovered, rather a dangerous pastime........

the back garden, more of a snow drift than a garden

and the bird table which is very popular, except with me, you see when I went to fill it up

the snow was over the top of my wellies................


  1. Good grief! We had a bit more today but compared with yours, basically nothing. Our main problem is that the bit we did have immediately froze and it is skiddy out there now. Yuk.

  2. did you see the flash snow warning for the north east tonight -- looks like we are in for quite a bit more snow yet -- Milo has a snow day tomorrow so fingers crossed should be fun ... I don't think I'll ever get tired of snowy pics ..

  3. 'wow, wow, wow!!'

    My mum said the snow was up to her knees too - though she is a shorty like me!!

    take care,

    Nina xx

  4. Lot and lots of snow where you are!

    I spent 2 hours clearing our drive this afternoon, just so that an hour later it could get covered again!

    Kept me fit though!

    Vanessa x

  5. Its so pretty :)
    [And then there's us lot in birmingham who live on roads that have been ploughed, with trains still running (apart from the one that broke down whilst I was on it this morning...), buses in case there's no trains and walking if necessary - oh the joys of being a temp :P (tounge VERY firmly in cheek!)]
    Glad you're having a lovely few snow days

  6. The top of your wellies? Now that's a Serious Amount of Snow!

  7. My word are you getting dumped on!
    What is going on over there. It has to end soon, right?
    Have a good weekend despite the snow.

  8. Looking at your snowy photos I honestly have to say I have nothing to complain about!! We have a few inches here in the south east but not much over the foot of the wellie. Hope you find some time for yourself over the weekend after all the enforced and extended school holidays!

  9. Ooh, it's all so purty! And I am dreading the moment that I have to head outside and refill MY bird feeders. And freeze my eyelashes off... xoxo

  10. It is so, so snowy here! It makes me want to make up a cup of cocoa and stay inside!!

  11. Maybe the welly I found was someone taking pitty on the grouse and trying to feed them!

  12. oh it does look beautiful! However I will be so glad to see it gone now ...

  13. yee gawd - that is deep snow!
    keep safe and warm
    t x


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