Friday, 29 January 2010

non productive fridays - a new trend?

we've got friends coming to stay tomorrow so I should be frantically cleaning and baking.
no, really I should, my friend lives in the cleanest tidiest house in the world, and is a domestic goddess like no other. in fact I am panicking about the visit. a lot.
which is why instead of cleaning/polishing/baking etc all day I've been procrastinating.

reading a magazine, and drooling over this jewellery
and then getting really excited because if you go here you can enter a giveaway.

tidying up seed catalogues and then getting distracted and going online and adding an apple tree and a plum tree and a crab apple tree to a wish list, and then pondering how many raspberry canes I need. so how many do you think? and that's before I start looking at strawberry plants, and don't even get me started on roses.

oh and there's a part-time admin job at one of the local schools and the closing date is Monday morning, so I've spent all day failing to fill in the application form because I can't work out how to make my skills - "blogging and baking" fit into the boxes............

and all this made me thirsty so I just had to have a cup of tea, and then read a few blogs, and now I need to cook dinner, and.............. oh well, they're coming to visit right, not inspect, and I'll do the form later - I'm sure a glass of wine will help with the "creative writing"

hope you all have a lovely weekend, back soon with the finished quilt to show you, and some decisions about what to start next - there have been just a couple of requests for a blue quilt to make things equal...............


  1. Your approach to day to day tasks sounds so much like mine it's frightening!

    Have a wonderful weekend - I'm sure your friends will love coming to see you however much dust is under the sofa - I know I would!

  2. I don't like these people who achieve what they set out to do in a day. They're not normal.

  3. I do things like that - the more pressure I'm under the slower I work!!

    Have fun with your friends and forget the dust :)

  4. OMG - I could have written your blog as that's exactly the kind of day that I tend to have when I know I should be doing something else! ;-)

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend with your friends.


  5. Thanks for the link to the jewelry - I'm looking for something for my best friend's 40th
    coming up.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend

  6. Ah yes, I am a great procrastinator, particularly on Fridays! Have a good weekend :o)

  7. So you are a procrastinator too! I am feeling so much better. I usually leave things to the last minute but somehow it all manages to get done. I must drive non procrastinators crazy! Have a great weekend too!

  8. Have a great weekend with your friends.

    Is it time to start ordering plants yet? I wish I could plant trees in my tiny garden - I guess I can get away with one. From which website do you buy seeds?

  9. Me, I'm going for a non-productive LIFE. Or so it seems...

    Just flash your amazing quilts and other creations at the Superhuman Visitor, and all dust bunnies shall be overlooked. Getting her drunk might help, too...

    Have fun! xoxoxo

  10. you're friends are coming to see you not your home.thats what i always tell myself....also got friends coming today and cant even shift to buy the food....takeaway anyone?

  11. Enjoy the visit with your friends!

    With regards to your application, blogging could be better described as well developed online research skills, and competent in communication skills in a range of settings including on-line and internet applications. Baking could be better described as good teamwork skills (ie bringing morning tea to work) and ability to plan and co-ordinate functions/events. Good Luck!!

  12. Oh I know that feeling! My parents babysat last night so that we could go to see a film (An Education - rather excellent!) and as it was early showing they put the boys to bed for us.

    Four hours! Four hours cleaning and getting ready to head off any of my mum's comments at the pass. I nearly fell asleep in the cinema!

    Hope you have a fab time with your friends.

  13. Hope you had a good weekend with your friends and happy memories to last a life time, that's what counts. I am looking forward to the quilt reveal. Good luck with the job application.

  14. I'm pleased to see that I'm not the only person who, when faced with a deadline, decides to go and do other, more interesting things instead!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend with your friends and the domestic goddess wasn't *too* much of a goddess after all...


  15. Hope you did have a good time with your friends at the weekend. Those over-achiever types can be scary...LOL! ;o) Best of luck with your job application--keep us posted! Have a great week ((HUGS))

  16. This post makes me very happy! Procrastinators unite!!!! Hurray!!!!! :-D


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