Wednesday, 13 January 2010

joining the changing room

I decided to join the challenge set by Coffee Lady to pay more attention to what I wear, and not (in my case) throw on what's clean/nearest the bed/fits over my pj's/keeps out the arctic chill......

day 1.
M&S cashmere cardigan rejected by my sister. chosen because we had a meeting this morning with the "inclusion manager" at Miss K's school. meeting someone with an intimidating title requires clothes which shout "I am confident", even when I'm not........
Black olsen jeans - rejected my a friend as they were too short. I wear them a lot but actually don't like them that much. go figure...........
black socks - which in combination with black trousers makes me look like a penguin. I usually wear slippers in the house as I get chronically cold feet, but I threw them away due to the excess number of holes, and now can't find any I like.......
white t -shirt - tescos I think, and guess what I actually bought this myself....
also wearing thermal trousers, thermal vest - don't even think of leaving the house without them....

things I have learnt today;
taking a photo of myself is really hard
a) the mirror in my room isn't long enough to see my feet - I never realised this before today
b)this is in Miss K's room - keeping the mess out of the photo was challenging...
c) it's VERY dark today, but flash makes the photo unviewable.
d) trying to hold the camera with only one hand so you can actually see my clothes makes the camera shake too much, photo becomes blurry, can't see my clothes..........
e) this outfit whilst suitable for a meeting is nowhere near warm enough

off to pile on some more layers.....................


  1. I dunno, Tess - I was about to join this wacky photo challenge (hey, it got me out of my PJs today before lunchtime!), but now that I've seen you looking so polished and spectacular I am losing confidence.

    P.S. You look polished and spectacular!!

    P.P.S. Inclusion Manager has to be the scariest job title I have Ever Heard. xoxoxoxo

  2. Oooh, look at you! Very smart.

    Are you going to come and join the flickr group? I'm doing it too but far too chicken to post on my blog ...

  3. ...but you look very lovely and black and red is always a great combo.

    Hope the meeting went well?

  4. I toyed with the idea of this stayed with toyed with!
    Don't let scary titles put you off people, the inclusion person brought in by the Local Authority at No2's school, turned out to be the nicest man possible. Hope your meeting was positive.

  5. What on EARTH is an inclusion manager and what does it have to do with a shcool of all things?
    As for the mirror photography, I share our pain. For the last three and a half ears I have used combinations of stacked books, banisters, bookcases, coffee tables and the arms of sofas in an attempt to get a full bod shot (as it were). Next time we make a trip to a furniture store (a trip where we also have a car to hand...) I am definitely getting hold of a full length mirror!

  6. I've been tramping around the house with my mirror, to no avail.

    And my pictures are blurry, even if I use two hands, and it's a tiny camera.

  7. I have no idea what an inclusion manager is and that makes it even more scary sounding to me! Well I think you look very smart in your outfit and I'm completely with you with the wearing of thermals. I never thought I would but I bought some massive thermal granny knickers from M&S! Unfortunately my puppy Floss is terribly naughty and snatched them from me then ran into the garden, tossing them into the air looking very pleased with herself. Oh the shame! I'm still trying to hide them from my husband. x

  8. I think you look great Tess - this is such an interesting project too, despite the technical chellenges.

    That meeting sounds very scary indeed - I do hope it went OK


  9. I am all about layering these days!!!

  10. tee hee this post made me laugh, as i am sometimes known to have the odd pyjama leg escaping from under my jeans - but only if its extra cold!!!! (oh no people know my guilty secrets now!!!) i too am having a slipper dilemma!
    it looks a very nice outfit though!


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