Monday, 25 January 2010

lost in threads

thank you for all the lovely quilt comments, so fantastic to read them all. And what do I do to repay you? nothing, no sight of me for a whole week.
A week, where did it go? what's been going on?

well a lot.

for a start there's my new foot, the one I chose for J to buy me for Christmas. love it, love it, love it. ok I'll admit I didn't at first, there was a few hours of "I spent how much on this? and it's useless, my old one was better" but after a spot of forum searching and the helpful janome website I came upon the instructions - which aren't in the packet! and adjusted it. SO much better!

I couldn't decide how to quilt it, just knew I wanted to try something other than stippling, several more hours wasted (spent valuably researching) on the internet, and I decided to do a whole mix of things....
so I present; daisies, roses, hearts and a dragonfly

some mussel shells, arches, and paisley

some free form feathers trying to do a spiral

oh and another daisy. the light is terrible at the moment, the colours look so much less bright than they are.............

is that all, you say, no, in truth there's also been a nice man with a large ladder mending the gutters which didn't like the recent foot of snow and all the ice on the roof and decided they wanted to fall off........... also the ballcock valve in the water tank in the attic decided it had perished, and chose to snap 10 minutes after J had left to drive to his parents house. At 11pm......... - why are things always so much worse late at night when you are tired? water gushing out of the overflow, and dripping ever so faintly, but dripping never the less down the dining room and lounge walls.......... oh joy. we did water at the old house..... been there, done that.......... 10 minutes later I found the water stop tap - AND managed to turn it, although the person before clearly had superhuman strength and didn't intend for it to move ever again...... I might have said a rude word. or two. all mended now, hurray, and a coat of paint or two will sort out the walls - well they needed doing anyway, I suppose this will just hurry us along a bit............. oh and Miss K burnt her hand in science, and has rather nice blisters.
so you see, it's been a bit manic round here, all the more reason to hide away and do a few more quilty stitches! nearly finished, only the binding to sew on now. thanks for visiting, I'll try not to leave it a week till next time. xoxo


  1. Oh dear, sounds like fun and games! Thank goodness for quilting, eh?!
    I went round to see the house my parents are buying last week and we went in to find the kitchen ceiling with a gaping hole in it due to a burst pipe in the loft! Still, a good excuse to have a new one. One with fancy inset spotlights rather than the hideous fluorescent tube that was there!

  2. All these various quilting patterns look highly impressive to me.
    And dealing with leakages is so tiring and stressful - we were lucky to avoid any late at night despite every single thing that could leak doing so in the last year.

  3. wow tess, that quilting is great - well done you .... oh dear with everything else

  4. Ack!! Let's hope that that's the last of the mishaps!

    You are wise to seek peace and comfort in fun meditative stitchery...and chocolate, I trust. xoxo

    (Word verif is behenph. Is that one of the naughty words you uttered when all heck was breaking loose?)

  5. I adore all your stitches - you are so clever! Having had a 'go' at this I realise just how much skill it takes to get the result you have shown us. I am so glad you have been having fun in that there studio, to counteract all the other housey shennanigins!
    I wonder what you have chosen for the binding?

  6. You poor thing Tess, how awful too have a flood, I sympathise, very much. What a week you've had. Still, your quilt is looking beautiful, I love the fact that you're stitching on top of the squares, looks fab. Hope this is a better week for you. Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  7. I'm just stunned at how lovely that looks. I can't think of anything else to say.

  8. Oops, water always seems to go such a long way and create such a mess. Love the stitchery, it's so pretty.

  9. Such beautiful quilting!
    But that leaking sounds nasty... lucky you could defeat the stopcock!

  10. I love the quilting and that foot has me all excited - I want one!! Have to wait until my birthday though.

    Absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

    Hope the housey stuff is sorted now and maybe a decorating blessing in disguise??

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  11. Your quilting is so impressive! You must be having such fun with the new foot. I am hankering after a piping foot and trying to justify the cost!

    Hope the house is sorted now and that you have a calmer week!

  12. This looks so impressive Tess! Is it a darning foot? I need to get one.

  13. What lovely quilting! I am so sorry for your water woes. Our daughter is still trying to get back to normal from her problems way back around Christmas. I hope you will be back to normal soon.

  14. Oh, your quilting is just lovely! You clever thing! Did you draw the patterns on and then follow the lines, or did you freehand them? (If the latter I shall be more envious than you could possibly imagine.)

    Sorry to hear of the flood - yuk.

  15. I love what you are doing with the quilt,it looks fabs,you clever thing. Is it quite difficult,I would love to try it sometime? Hope you have a less stressful week, happy stitching.

  16. I can't believe how beautiful that quilt is. Wow.


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