Wednesday, 20 March 2013

a recycling project

Problem 1. I need some paper bags for a craft stall.

Problem 2. The house is becoming over run with magazines

Solution. Make a pot of tea. Spend a happy hour tearing pages out of magazines.  Choose pages that go together nicely and stitch together along three sides using an old needle and some cheap thread.  Trim off the torn edges to make them neat.

Have fun selecting the right bag for each customer. 


  1. Happy bags! I could start a factory with the number of old magazines I an hoarding...

  2. Fabulous bags! I love this idea and choosing the right bag for each customer would be fun :)
    Helen x

  3. Genius!

    That's all I can say. xo

  4. Replies
    1. thank you, they were lots of fun to make, and popular to receive. the lady who got a chocolate cake recipe on her bag was the happiest I think.

  5. Brilliant idea. I use old scrumpled up magazine pages instead of packing peanuts. I always like it when I receive parcels like that.

  6. Such a wonderful idea. I know what you mean about being over run with magazines.
    Anne xx

  7. Very clever and absolutely worth copying if you wouldn't mind. I would be especially happy to get the chocolate cake recipe too. T X

  8. Pure genius T! Love it. Would a sewing machine work or would it rip the paper too much? J x

  9. Oops. I have just blown your picture up. It looks like mache stitching. Doh. Silly me!

  10. I love that. We have a local craft shop that does something similar, but with wallpaper...I think.

    It is really effective and I love the personal detail in it.

    Nina x

  11. What a fun idea! If I were there, I'd want the chocolate bag LOL!

  12. oh, I want to buy something from your craft stall...wait..I can just buy a bag?

  13. ooh, that's so very NOW!

    Brilliant idea, I would love to have something I'd bought put into a bag like this, it's v v trendy, and so quirky. Great.

  14. Utter genius. How did the fair go?


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