Wednesday 27 March 2013

multiplying like rabbits.

I promised a friend some knitted rabbits for her comic relief bake sale.

Knitting on the train and when you are chatting means sometimes you don't quite pay attention to the pattern, and there was quite a lot of variation. The blue bunny on the right was the most wonky and affectionately referred to as a mole rat by certain family members...........

Next I tried a different pattern, but this bunny clearly hadn't been eating enough carrot cake, as she was rather anorexic.......
At this point I admitted defeat and headed for my sewing machine.

Much better.
This bunny was part of a "guess my name game", she was called Buttons.

The rest of the bunnies were sold for Comic Relief.

When I got home the first thing I was asked was "did you sell any bunnies?" and when I said they were all sold 
 "What??? Even the mole rat?"



  1. I love you knitted rabbits, thery're a motely crew to be sure, but ever so cute.
    Anne xx

  2. The little knitted bunnies are very cute. I am sure someone will love them even the mole rat. The sewn bunnies look great.

  3. Which sewing pattern did you use for your larger rabbits? They're beautiful.

  4. Flipadoodle missus. Those needle-and-thread buns are marvellous. Put some into your etsy shop at once. Knitty buns are also magnificent but in a different way. They have big personalities and I think that a couple may have 'issues' which need to be attended to by the bunnypsychologist. Did mole rat get sold? If not, we would like to adopt him here at BeanTowers...

  5. Awwww, they're all so sweet. I especially love little anorexic bunny -- too cute!

  6. I love them all! Most impressed you made so many in a short space of time! That's dedication. I suffer from second sock syndrome on anything after the first one, nevermind the socks! :-)

  7. I love your knitted bunnies. They are so cute because they are all different and not perfect.

  8. Love them all! My sewing efforts wouldn@t have been bought by anyone...

  9. I have had similar comments from those closest too me but that makes me love my slightly skewy knitting even more. I love mole rat! - Annie

  10. I like the bunnies. But then I feel as if I've known them since they were a ball.

  11. Hi Tess,

    You have been busy and love all the sweet bunnies you made.

    wishing you a happy Easter

  12. They are lovely, woolly and stitched both! Hope you had a lovely Easter!

  13. Oh they're ADORABLE. I'm very late to the bunny party.


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