Saturday, 16 March 2013

searching for spring and finding sheep instead

Week one of the training program for my charity walk starts tomorrow.

I've been out walking a lot already though, as my fitness levels meant that I needed to get a headstart.....

I have a little more time for walking now, as the new job and I have parted company. On this walk I took my camera hoping for signs of spring, but all I found was sheep.

Each field filled with ones that looked different to the last. I know nothing about sheep breeds, but feel perhaps I that should find out what they are. These ones in particular were Very chatty!

And these ones were running like mad after the farmer on his quad bike, there is nothing funnier than a herd of racing sheep!


  1. I like sheep with black faces. I have no idea what breed they are but I like them best.
    Hope you find spring soon, Ax

  2. Sorry to hear about your job Tess, good luck with the training . My parents used to walk for miles and they loved it and at least you have all those sheep to keep you company x

  3. It's a beautiful walk and Spring will poke her head in soon. I do hope that you are not unhappy about the job.
    Have a lovely day.

  4. Love the sheep pictures, they are one of my favourite animals. I hope you find spring soon...and are not sad about the job ending. Wishing you a sunny Sunday.
    Helen x

  5. Breathtaking! I sure miss the sheep. Almost as much as the lovely blog friends.

    Happy training! xoxo

  6. Sweet sheep! There is a book called "Know your Sheep" that contains lots of info on sheep breeds, in quite a fun/light hearted way

    1. oh that looks like a really cute book, thanks for the link! x

  7. Oooof. Job. Sorry about that.

    There will be Something around the corner - I can't tell you when but It is there waiting for you to find It.

  8. You have a lovely are to train for your walk, sheep, I love them. Sorry to hear about the job. Perhaps better things around the corner. I hope you find Spring soon.
    Anne xx

  9. Hi Tess,

    Looks like the perfect place to get in the training for the charity walk.
    Sorry to hear about your job ending.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend and hope Spring will be there soon.


  10. Sheep are so much more agreeable than cows I have found. Especially when walking with Harvey the dog. Though I did once own a Springer who thought he was a sheep dog and rounded up a couple of hundred of them. Thankfully the farmer and his gun were elsewhere that day. :-)

  11. Those look like wonderful fields for walking and training. I'm sorry to hear about your job. T x

  12. Sheep make me laugh even when they're just standing still so I'd definitely have been giggling at the sight of them bouncing around the field! So sorry to hear about your job - like others have said, I hope that something better comes your way x

  13. Oh Tess, sorry about your job - I know how that feels. Good to have the training as something to focus on. I like sheep - they always make me smile.

  14. Sheep. Sheeeeeeep!
    (And silly, silly job people. Bah to them.)

  15. I'm sorry to hear about your job - hopefully something better will come along soon. I love the idea of racing sheep! Hope you are well. Lucy xx

  16. So sorry about the job. How terribly frustrating. But the sheep are lovely. Somehow the quad bike doesn't fit with my image of a shepherd though! K x

  17. SHEEPIES!!! They all look so pretty -- surely they are a definite sign of spring. Sorry to hear about the job, but, somehow, I'm betting you'll look back on it and know it was for the better. XO

  18. Awww! I love it! This reminds me of my trip to Ireland. Lots and lots of sheep! Best of luck with the job situation. Enjoy walks while you can. :)


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