Thursday 24 April 2014

a multitude of tulips

oh so many tulips

in oh so many colours

is this my favourite?

or this?

there are too many to choose from.

dusty pastels

blowsy petals

slender beauties

frilly petticoats

buds hiding their true colours

I only know I wish these were all in My garden, and not in someone elses...........

are you a tulip lover?
what colour do you like best?


  1. I adore Tulips. My would have all the dusty colours. Love the yellow.

  2. Love the raspberry ripple tulips! They must be very low maintenance. We have odd ones that pop up every year and we do nothing to look after them. Plant and go. You could add some new colours every year! J x

  3. Definitely the apricot ones for me - I don't have nearly as many tulips as I would like this year - I must have had an aberration at tulip planting time - something I will definitely remedy this year. My all time favourite is Shirley a pale grey/white edged with purple that changes colour as it grows older.

  4. Frilly, white, pale pink, greenish... they are my faves. Oh, and black.
    My tulips didn't do very well this year. I must remember to plant some more in the autumn.
    If they are not in your garden, whose garden were you in? Did you go snooping???

  5. Weeee----LOVE this! And I love tulips... pink ones especially. ;o) In the garden we have pink, apricot, white and those almost black-purple tulips--waiting for blooms now. Seeing all these here, I feel like dancing... ;o) Happy Days, Tess ((HUGS))

  6. Gorgeous tulips!! I love them all....but I think the pink and white are my favourites, as well as ones that have markings on them like fine painted brush strokes! Your photos are beautiful, such a treat.
    Helen xox

  7. My neighbour has some of the slim ones with the pointed petals in greenish white and raspberry. My scissor finger itches every time I go past the house. They are gorgeous.
    I picked the entire crop of 'Queen of the Night' from my cutting patch last weekend - then have been the most spectacular vaseful all week. Must plant more tulips this autumn.

  8. So beautiful. I love them all. Tulips are my favorite flower and I really need to plant more this year.

  9. I do like Tulips but only outside. I must be one of the few who don't like them when they go all droopy in vases.

  10. Hello,
    I came over from sweet Carolyn's blog. The tulips are so pretty, and all such vibrant colors. They are one of my favorite flowers. You have such a lovely blog, and I can see you appreciate nature as I do. I was browsing through some of your pictures and they are wonderful. Me and my daughters love photography too. We also have a blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. It's so nice to meet new friends.......and I drink lots of tea too. I hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  11. I love all tulips but if I had to chose just one it would have to be Queen of the Night, very dark and very slender :-)

  12. Oh you did say that you had tulips to show us. How utterly gorgeous they all are. Thank you so much for this visual feast!

    xx Susan

  13. I love tulips! The red and white striped ones, parrot varieties, lily-flowered ones... I particularly like them in deep orange and purple shades.
    A big bunch of lipstick-pink tulips in a glass vase (stems on show) always looks glamorous too, particularly in front of the mantelpiece mirror.
    Sarah x

    1. I love the idea of the flowers in front of the mirror, double value!

  14. Hi there, just catching up! So lovely to see so many beautiful tulips, they really are stunning aren't they! Hope that the sneaking in more fruit and veg plan with lots of ice cream too plan is working! Hope you are having a good weekend. xx

  15. They're just gorgeous aren't they - I wish they were in my garden too! They are a flower where each one has its own character. I don't think that the frilly brash one would get along with the pale pink and white one - the latter being my favourite! xCathy

  16. They're all pretty. Wish my garden looked as colourful.
    Congratulations by the way - the Random Number Generator picked your comment out as the winning number on my Easter Giveaway.
    Email me your address ( and I'll post your prize off to you.
    Jill x

  17. They're beautiful! My favorite it the third one down from the top!

  18. They're all lovely, but it would have to be yellow for me. I'm a bit of a yellow fan. One of my 'things to do one day' is visit the tulip fields in Amsterdam. xx

  19. Gorgeous, all of them! I adore tulips, never tire of them, and dream of growing hundreds to cut but I don't have the space. I think the pink and red ones are always lovely. x

  20. I love tulips. Me wedding bouquet was made entirely of miniature white tulips...

  21. Have you been peeping in my garden? Those lovely purplish tulips are MINE.....

  22. Gorgeous! Choosing tulips always gets me in a right dither! x


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